Urban Forests and Green Infrastructures will be the focus of a three day event to be held at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) in Rome, Italy from 17-19 November 2014

The events are organized in the framework of the COST Action FP1204 ”GreenInUrbs” Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental and social aspects in studying and managing urban forests. European Countries, the FAO and some extra-European countries including Algeria, Israel, Ukraine, USA, Canada and soon Australia and China are involved.

The second meeting of the Silva Mediterranea Working Group on Urban and peri-urban forestry will be held in Rome, Italy on 20 November 2014. The event will take place the day after the closure of the meeting on Green Infrastructures and Urban forests for improving the environment and the quality of life.

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Contact Lucia Cherubini: fp1204.grantholder (at) ibaf.cnr.it

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