Forest Management Workshop in Morocco

FAO’s sub-regional office for north Africa and the Moroccan Haut Commissariat for water, forest and the fight against desertification held a sub-regional workshop on forest management and planning in Maghreb countries in Rabat, Morocco from 22-23 October, 2014.

Participants included representatives from the forest administrations, forest consulting companies, civil society and researchers from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as well as forest experts from FAO, Estudio 94 and EFIMED.

Rabat_250.jpg : 16.125KbThey reviewed the methodologies currently used for forest management planning in the Maghreb and discussed ways to improve the sustainability of forest management and uses in the area. The main goals discussed included; halting desertification, controlling forest fires and soil losses, sustainable use of resources (including timber, fuel wood, fodder, water…) and improving the awareness of the populations concerning the ecosystems.

To achieve these goals, the working group insisted on the need for:

- improved knowledge about the state of the forests, the impact of global change and the management practices
- a better integration of non-wood forest products in the management plans and the development of value chains
- increasing the strength of the forest management plans thanks to supporting regulations
- Restructuring the governance of the territories for a multi-sectorial and participative decision and implementation of the management plans

The working group recommended developing a sub-regional cooperation project to define common methodologies and put in practice the forest management plans. They also suggested increasing the collaboration between actors including administrations, practitioners, consulting companies, researchers and civil society to define, approve, implement and evaluate management plans.

For more information, contact:

NAGGAR Mustapha
Chief of the Division of Forest Management
High Commission for Waters and Forests and the Fight against Desertification

munaggar (at) yahoo.fr

Forestry Officer, FAO Sub-regional Office for North Africa; FAO Representative in Algeria Nabil.Assaf (at) fao.org

Nicolas ROBERT, EFIMED, nicolas.robert (at) efi.int

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