New director at CTFC

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Denis Boglio is a European Policy and Programmes expert and was formerly CTFC’s Director of Strategic Projects. He is also Secretary General of the Association of Mediterranean Forest Owners (ARCMED).

In a press release upon his appointment, Mr Boglio stated that “The natural tendency in times of crisis is to concentrate resources towards excellence and we must adapt for financiers, institutions and research and development agencies. Today, more than ever, we must be creative, visionary and brave. The crisis should not be viewed only from a negative perspective: new possibilities and opportunities are also presented. Institutions which will better weather the crisis are those which know how to take advantage of these opportunities and reposition themselves at both a strategic and operational level.”

Denis Boglio

His appointment reflects the Board’s commitment to ensuring the Centre remains active in the international arena, with a new strategic plan to be developed in the coming year.

More information: www.ctfc.cat

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