AGORA Making the Difference

The AGORA project aimed to advance forest research capacities in two southern Mediterranean countries by establishing dynamic and transnational research partnerships, networking, targeted capacity building and knowledge transfer. AGORA implemented an international twinning action plan, linking research organisations in Morocco and Tunisia with selected forest research centres of excellence in EU Member States.

beneficiaries lecture_Fez 2011_225.jpg : 46.369140625KbThroughout the project, the interdisciplinary approach meant that a broad spectrum of senior and young scientists from Morocco and Tunisia visited forest research institutions in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Turkey for capacity building, knowledge transfer, skills updating and discussion on strategic priorities. Research teams were reinforced with new recruits and technical equipment, while workshops and international meetings were held across the region, offering scientists and stakeholders fora to discuss new research findings as well as emerging forest management challenges.

AGORA workshop, Fez 2011 by Elena Gorriz

The research partnerships and international collaborations established through AGORA have created a significant opportunity to address the fragmentation of forest research in the region. “AGORA, beyond its purely scientific achievements, has laid the basis for a fluent science-policy dialogue around Mediterranean forests, to better understand and assess how new challenges, threats and opportunities... affect sustainable forest management and related policies in the region.”

AGORA was financed by the EU 7th Framework Programme.

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EFI Policy Brief 8 - AGORA Making the Difference: Torwards a Mediterranean Forest Research Area by Marc Palahí, Davide Pettenella, José G. Borges, Fouad Mounir, Hamed Daly, François Lefèvre and Emin Baskent

More information: Marc Palahí, name.surname(at)efi.int

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