The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) is a relevant actor in the dialogue between the EU and the other Mediterranean countries. It's a think tank specialised in Euro-Mediterranean relations, which promotes cooperation, reflection and debate on Mediterranean societies, while acts a Mediterranean lobby close to institutions and public opinion.

Within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean initiative, on 5th of November, the IEMed organised in Barcelona the EUROMED Forum. Four of the thematic areas of the Union for the Mediterranean were discussed through working groups, in order to define potential projects and give recommendations: 

1. Renewable energies;
2. Land and maritime infrastructures;
3. Water sector;
4. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

The two other thematic areas, Civil Protection and Higher Education, will be discussed in the coming months.

EFIMED was invited to contribute to the Water Sector working group in order to provide the point of view of water and natural ecosystems interactions as well as the need to develop integrated approaches to manage all natural resources (water, forests, etc).

IEMed and EFIMED are starting cooperation that will concentrate on two main areas relevant for the Union for the Mediterranean initiative: Water issues (especially on themes related to water and forests/natural systems interactions) and Civil protection (especially through the issue of forest fires).

Further information: Euromed Forum

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