Dr. Birot says au revoir after 4 years in EFIMED

"At the time I am stepping down from the EFIMED Advisory Group, it is natural to look back at what has been accomplished over the first four years of EFIMED'S life. As AG Chair, I have been in a position to collaborate, on almost a daily basis, with the EFIMED Head and team. I can testify that, thanks to their skills, commitment, dynamism and enthusiasm. EFIMED and its network have achieved impressive and major steps forward such as: the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA); the EU-funded Capacity Building project AGORA, the ERA-Net FORESTERRA; the catalysis of a Masters in Mediterranean Forestry; the provision of collective scientific expertise (books on fire and water); the advocacy for Mediterranean Forestry through the Mediterranean Forest Weeks; the development of knowledge through research projects; and the enhancing of scientific skills through summer schools and scientific seminars, etc. I warmly thank my AG colleagues for their support and commitment over this period.

I am fully convinced that under the guidance of the new Chair, Prof. Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza and with his broad experience on Forest Science in the Mediterranean and at the European scale, the AG will continue supporting the growth of EFIMED in particular by providing invaluable input on strategic thinking on the implementation of major instruments such as FORESTERRA and on the development of future activities of EFIMED.

Yves Birot
Past EFIMED AG Chair"

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