Welcome to the new Chairman of EFIMED AG and new members

After having completed their mandate, Mr. Davide Pettenella, Mr. Mohamed Sabir, Ms. Vassiliki Kazana and Mr. Yves Birot have stepped down. EFIMED thanks them for their invaluable contribution to the strategic functioning of our institute. The baton of the chair of the Advisory Group has been passed to Mr. Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza.

EFIMED welcomes internationally recognised scientists as part its Advisory Group:
- Mr. Keith Gilless, from the University of California (USA), College of Natural Resources of Berkeley. He is an expert in economic analysis and operations research modeling techniques to address forest resource management problems, such as forest products market forecasting, protected area management, non-market valuation, the impact of climate change on fire control, structure survival in large urban-wildland fires, and wildland fire protection planning.

- Mr. Ertruğrul Bilgili, from the Karadeniz University/University of Black Sea (Turkey), Faculty of Forestry. With a PhD from the University of New Brunswick (Canada), his expertise is in the field of fire behavior prediction, fuel type classification and modelling, fire ecology and forest protection.

- Ms. Margarida Tomé, from the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal), Instituto Superior de Agronomia. She holds a PhD in forest modelling and a M.Sc in Mathematics. Coordinator the Forest Resources Inventory and Modelling Group, she is an expert in forest biometry, forest inventory, growth and yield modelling, process based models and hybrid models.

- Mr. François Lefèvre, from INRA Avignon (France) Director of the Unit of Mediterranean forest ecology. With a PhD in plant genetics from Institut National d'Agronomie - Paris-Grignon, he is an expert in ecophysiology and genetics.

lefevre_francois_95x115.jpg : 35.6748046875Kb

Mr. François Lefèvre

 Ertrugul Bilgili_94x115.jpg : 3.498046875Kb

Mr. Ertruğrul Bilgili

 Margarida Tome_95x115.jpg : 3.580078125Kb

Ms. Margarida Tomé

gilless_Web_95x108.jpg : 13.1279296875Kb

Mr. Keith Gilless

These new members will join former AG members Mr. Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza, Ms. Margaret Shannon, Mr. Jerry Vanclay, Mr. Santiago González and Mr. Carlos Gracia (which acts as liason with EFI Scientific Advisory Board).

 Giuseppe Scarascia.jpg : 3.2509765625Kb

Mr. Giuseppe Scarascia

margaret shannon_92x115.jpg : 2.7451171875Kb

Ms. Margaret Shannon

Vanclay_96x115.jpg : 10.22265625Kb

Mr. Jerry Vanclay


carles gracia_93x116.jpg : 13.337890625Kb

Mr. Carlos Gracia

Santi_92x115.jpg : 4.3291015625Kb

Mr. Santiago González

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