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FP7-INCO-2011-6, Reinforcing Cooperation with Europe’s neighbours in the context of the ERA

INCO.2011-6.2 Eligible Mediterranean countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian-administered Areas, Lebanon, Syria. Coordination and Support Action (supporting action); EUR 9.00 million

Deadline: 15 March 2011

Technical content/scope
The objective of this action is to reinforce the cooperation capacities of research centres located in the ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) countries, which are not associated to FP7 at the time of the publication of the call. The call will give these countries the possibility to improve the research activities of their highest quality and/or promising centres in a scientific field addressed by the thematic priorities of FP7.

Proposed activities
The activities covered by the call are:
• twinning with research centres in Member States or Associated Countries in view of exchanging knowledge and good practices, disseminating scientific information, identifying partners and setting up joint experiments through short-term visits or exchange of staff, meetings, seminars, and similar activities;
• developing training modules to build competency and facilitate the participation of these centres in FP7;
• developing research centres’ strategy in order to increase their scope and visibility (regional coverage, activities), to develop comparative advantage and to improve their competitiveness by enhancing their responses to the socio-economic needs of their countries and of the region.

The ERA-WIDE activity does not support directly research work but contributes to improve the centre's capacities in a given research area. The activities proposed should form a coherent plan and therefore they should be described in details and justified. Preference should be given to activities with a regional impact.

• The proposal must target only one research centre of high level S&T capacities, which is located in an ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) country not associated to FP7 at the time of the publication of the call (see above mentioned countries). The research centre is defined here as an existing working unit, either independent or functioning within a locally established research organisation of one of the countries concerned, having preferably distinct organisational and administrative boundaries. The centre should not be a subsidiary or branch of an organisation established in another country.
• The consortium must include the research centre that is targeted in the proposal. The consortium must however include one or more additional participants, in particular from the Member States and/or Associated Countries.
• The research centre targeted by the proposal must be the coordinator of the proposal.
• When multiple eligible proposals targeting the same research centre are submitted, only the eligible proposal, which has been submitted last, will be evaluated.

• Only one ERA-WIDE grant targeting the same research centre can be active at any time.


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