The leading European forest research network meets in Uppsala

1316502264_Fotolia_SIW.jpg : 31.958984375KbThe European Forest Institute (EFI) holds its Annual Conference in Uppsala on 28-30 September. The event will be opened by the Vice-chancellor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Prof. Dr. Lisa Sennerby Forsse. During these days over 130 leading European forest scientists and experts gather to discuss the role of forests in Europe in the future from different points of view.

Dr. Marc Palahí, EFI’s Assistant Director in policy advice, will present his view on ‘Positioning forest science in Europe at the frontier of knowledge‘. The European Commission’s view is brought forth by Mr. Timothy Hall, Head of Unit, Directorate General of Research in his speech on the potential role of forest research contributing to Europe 2020 Strategy.

The day also includes keynote presentations on the latest developments in the FOREST EUROPE ministerial process and the European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP), representing the industry and a variety of other key stakeholders in the forest sector in Europe.

On 29 September, there will be a Scientific Seminar ’Active Forestry with Responsibility ‘ presenting the latest developments within forest tree genetics. “Researchers that are leading the genome programmes that have recently started in Europe and the United States will provide insight into a challenge that is 20 times larger than the human genome programme, “ notes Prof. Jan-Erik Hällgren, of the SLU’s Forest Department, the main organiser of the seminar. The Scientific Seminar will also provide updates of the biggest forest genetic programmes in Europe, and provide information of research activities in Asia with examples from Australia, New Zealand and China.

The seminar also tackles with the issue of how to balance the relationship and guide trade-offs between different functions of forests. It is followed next day by an excursion, organised by Skogforsk, that will display the current challenges of Swedish forestry - Use without overuse.

More information is available on the Annual Conference website.

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