Currently available traineeships

Mainstreaming restoration initiatives with existing forest/climate related policy processes in Africa

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) has recently received broad political support. However, although the concept promises quadruple wins for humans, biodiversity as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation, national and local FLR stakeholders are struggling with several challenges to effectively implement forest land restoration initiatives. The objective of this traineeship is to identify barriers and enables to realize the synergies between restoration initiatives and existing policy processes such FLEGT, REDD+ and zero-deforestation supply chains initiatives.  Specific activities include:

  • Develop an appropriate conceptual framework
  • in-depth review of scientific and grey literature on restoration governance as well as governance aspects of FLEGT, REDD+ and zero-deforestation supply chains initiatives

This activity requires good writing and reporting skills, understanding of restoration, FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives and basic statistics. The student could work on this topic at EFI office in Barcelona, Spain.

Contact: Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne

Practical handbook on forest restoration measures in support of nature and biodiversity conservation

The traineeship will provide valuable input for elaborating a handbook on forest restoration measures in support of nature and biodiversity conservation. It intends to give a general overview on practiced restoration measures which find application not only in protected areas but also in managed forests. The link to practical examples serves as entry point for field visits and exchange of experiences for those are interested (or plan) to implement certain restoration measures in managed forests.

Experience with reviewing and condensing information to an easily readable and attractive format that is useful for forest nature conservation managers.

Traineeship location: Bonn, Germany. Duration: January 2020 - April 2020

Contact: Andreas Schuck

Forest Products Trade Flow Database – novel reporting tools

A novel database of forest products trade flow information was recently developed by EFI with support of ITTO. A number of predefined report formats were developed in R and they were integrated into the online user interface so users can generate reports for the countries, products and/or years that are of particular interest.

To develop additional report formats, we are seeking an interested student with basic knowledge of macro-economics and good skills in working with R statistical software. The student could work on this topic at the EFI headquarters in Joensuu.

Contact: Jo Van Brusselen