INCREDIBLE news and events for autumn

After the summer break, INCREDIBLE project is gearing up for a busy autumn of events and meetings. There are four science-to-practice events already in the calendar and the third round of inter-regional workshops starts in November in Tunisia (wild nuts & berries) and Sardinia (cork).

Retro-innovation working for wildfire prevention: Shepherds’ contracts to reduce biomass and maintain fuelbreaks

The Andalusian Network of Grazed Fuel Breaks in Spain incorporates extensive livestock grazers in fire prevention activities to reduce the high costs of mechanical clearance of forests.

Resilient landscapes to face catastrophic forest fires: global insights towards a new paradigm

We live in a changing world. Droughts and shifts in climate lead to hotter, dryer, and windier seasons in many temperate areas. People are increasingly relocating to where urban areas and forests meet. In many regions, including across the Mediterranean, abandonment of traditional agriculture, forestry, and other land uses have led to a build-up of biomass in forests.

Will you invest in the next generation? Join us for YLP-MED 2020!

The first edition of EFI’s Young Leadership Programme – Mediterranean (2018) was a great success, with positive evaluations from participants and speakers alike. Will you join us in 2020 and make the next edition outstanding?

Mapping forest innovation across Europe

The interactive map shows the location of cases compiled by the SINCERE project in the Inventory of European Innovation Mechanisms for the provision and enhancement of forest ecosystem services.

EFI’s Mediterranean Facility Network News July special edition now available!

Before EFI’s Mediterranean Facility goes on holiday, we are happy to share with you this July’s Network News, which includes news, blog entries and all the reminders of the deadlines for opportunities, events and congresses that will take place after the summer.

Bioeconomy as a long-term model for fighting forest fires

Given the pressing climate changes in the Mediterranean region, EFI's approach to tackling forest fires is to advocate the development of a bioeconomy that changes the way forests are perceived, valued and managed.

Welcoming summer with the latest Network News from the Mediterranean!

We warmly welcome the summer season with a new June edition of EFI Network News from the Mediterranean Facility, which includes reflections and articles on bioeconomy as a model of sustainable prosperity, as well as the response to greater resistance to catastrophic forest fires and better forest management. In addition, we report on the presentation of the H2020 My Sustainable Forest

My Sustainable Forest project presented to main Czech forest stakeholders

During the workshop in Krtiny, in Czech Republic, the advantages of satellite remote sensing technology and the potential of Earth observation data to meet the needs of the local forestry sector were highlighted and discussed.

Don't miss the very latest from the Mediterranean Facility Network News!

May’s edition of EFI Network News from the Mediterranean Facility features the research analysis on the economic value of mushroom picking in Catalonia, the first cross-cutting seminar of the Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin