Contract Notice R-2014-8.2-01

A. Contract Notice R-2014-8.2-01 Assistance technique pour l’appui au fonctionnement des fonds de développement local dans le secteur forestier en République du Congo
Tender closed: 5 March 2014 17:00 CET 

B. Tender Specifications and annexes

The Invitation to Tender, the Tender Specifications and its annexes contain the instructions you are bound to follow should you wish to submit a tender in this procurement procedure. Make sure therefore that you download all the documents below.

- Invitation to Tender

- Tender Specifications

- Annex 1 : Cover letter

- Annex 2 a : Identification form (individual)

- Annex 2 b : Identification form (company)

- Annex 2 c : Identification form (organisation)

- Annex 3 : Declaration on Exclusion Criteria and Absence of Conflict of Interest

- Annex 4 : Nominations of Experts

- Annex 5 : Minimum criteria

- Annex 6 : Subcontracting declaration

- Annex 7 : Financial proposal form

- Annex 7: Financial proposal form (revised)

- Annex 8 : Draft contract

C. Questions and answers

Questions and answers

D. Corrigendum R-2014-8.2-01

Corrigendum R-2014-8.2-01

E. Notice of award

Official notice of award of contract