Visions of EFI

As part of the process of developing the new EFI Strategy, we invited our members to record their 'Visions of EFI' at the Annual Conference in Vienna in September 2016.

Birger Solberg, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Konstantin von Teuffel, Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg

Marc Palahí, EFI Director

Leire Salaberria Isasi, Union of Forest Owners of Southern Europe (USSE)

Eeva Hellström, (Vice Chair of EFI Board) Finnish Innovation Fund, SITRA

Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Alterra, Wageningen University

Bart Muys, KU Leuven University

Lucas Giessen, University of Göttingen

May Anne Then, former IFSA president

Peter Mayer, Austrian Research Centre for Forests

Daniela Kleinschmit, University of Freiburg

Gerben Janse, Swedish Forest Agency