The Board of the EFI is responsible for establishing and keeping under review the overall research framework and the strategy of the Institute, and it supervises the Secretariat.

The Board consists of eight members, four of whom are elected by EFI Council and four by EFI Associate Members.

The Board members as of 4 October 2017

Mr. Knut Øistad, Norway (Chair of the Board)
Mr. Roland Daamen, Germany
Dr. Erwin Dreyer, France
Prof. Dr. Christine Farcy, Belgium (Vice Chair of the Board)
MP Hanna Kosonen, Finland
Dr. Natalia Lukina, Russian Federation
Prof. Marco Marchetti, Italy
Prof. Dr. Tomasz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, Poland (Vice Chair of the Board)

EFI Board, autumn 2017
Board during autumn 2017 meeting, photo by Lars Sandved Dalen

We express our warm thanks to previous Board members for their valuable contribution to the development of EFI:

Prof. Raul Albuquerque de Sardinha, Portugal
Prof. Per-Ove Bäckström, Sweden
Mr F. Xavier Ballabriga, Spain
Dr. Miroslav Benko, Croatia
Prof. Yves Birot, France (Chair of the Board 1998-2001)
Dr. José Antonio Bonet Lledós, Spain
Dr Melvin Cannell, United Kingdom
Dr. Lukas Giessen, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Guehl, France
Dr. Eeva Hellström, Finland
Dr François Houllier, France (Chair of the Board 2004-2006)
Dr Jan Ilavsky, Slovak Republic
Dr V.I. Jagodin, Russian Federation
Prof. Emil Klimo, Czech Republic
Dr Cecil Konijnendijk, Denmark
Prof. Dr. Michael Köhl, Germany
Prof. J. Bo Larsen, Denmark (Chair of the Board 2010-2015)
Prof. Jim Lynch OBE, United Kingdom
Dr. Harald Mauser, Austria
Prof. Maurizio Merlo, Italy
Prof. Dr. Frits Mohren, the Netherlands
Mr Fergal Mulloy, Ireland (Chair of the Board 2001-2003)
Mr Pekka Patosaari, Finland
Mr Tim Peck, Switzerland (Chair of the Board 1993-1998)
Dr Anatoly Petrov, Russian Federation
Mr Anders Portin, Finland
Prof. Francisco Rego, Portugal (Chair of the Board 2003-2004)
Dr Jan Remröd, Sweden
Prof. Kazimierz Rykowski, Poland
Dr. Liisa Saarenmaa, Finland
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe E. Scarascia-Mugnozza, Italy (Chair of the Board 2015-2017)
Prof. Lisa Sennerby Forsse, Sweden
Prof. Dr Franz Schmithüsen, Switzerland
Prof. Dr Andrey Selikhovkin, Russian Federation
Prof. Dr Birger Solberg, Norway
Dr Zoltan Somogyi, Hungary
Prof. Konstantin von Teuffel, Germany (Chair of the Board 2006-2010)
Prof. Kim von Weissenberg, Finland
Mr Ernst Wermann, Germany