Regional Offices

The Regional Offices are integral parts of EFI, and are governed by Terms of Reference and EFI management practices. They address forest research and networking issues at a regional level following the EFI Strategy.

Regional Office activities bring visibility to regional forest issues by putting them into a European context. Regional Offices also strengthen the EFI network by opening new avenues for funding.

Project Centres

EFI Project Centres carry out research within the scope of EFI's research strategy and under the EFI name and scientific umbrella. They consist of EFI members and other relevant partners. Project Centres are financed independently of EFI and have a limited duration.

EU FLEGT Facility

The EU FLEGT Facility was established in 2007, and is hosted by EFI. The Facility supports the EU, countries in the EU and partner countries in implementing the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

EU REDD Facility

The EU REDD Facility was established in 2010, and is hosted by EFI. The Facility supports partner countries in improving land use governance as part of their effort to slow, halt and reverse deforestation. The Facility also supports the overall EU effort to reduce its impact on deforestation in developing countries.


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