EFI Bonn

EFI Bonn opened in 2017. EFI Bonn coordinates one of the European Forest Institute’s main initiatives: the Resilience Programme. It focuses on forest-related resilience issues, including the integration of biodiversity in sustainable forest management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, forest-related risks, payments for ecosystem services and the role of forests and trees in climate-smart cities. The programme emphasizes work on the science-policy-society interface at a European scale, thus strengthening EFI’s policy support role.

Meet the staff:

Head of Office: Georg Winkel

Theresa Frei (Junior Researcher)
Alexander Held (Senior Expert)
Heike Kruse (Office Manager)
Marcus Lindner (Principal Natural Scientist)
Gesche Schifferdecker (Communications Manager)
Andreas Schuck (Senior Researcher)

We also work with

Filip Aggestam (Inhouse Consultant)
Theresa Cashore (Trainee)
Jakob Derks (Trainee)
Laura Nikinmaa (Trainee)