Project Centres

EFI Project Centres respond to the need to give expression to regional or topic research needs - without compromising the European dimension.

EFI Project Centres (EFI PCs) are network nodes of EFI consisting of EFI members and other relevant partners. They carry out research within the scope of EFI's research strategy and under the EFI name and scientific umbrella. The Project Centres are financed independently of EFI and have a limited duration.

Currently there are three operational EFI Project Centres: MOUNTFOR , RUSFOR and SURF.

The following Project Centres operated from 2000 to 2009:

  • MEDFOREX - Mediterranean Forest Externalities
  • CONFOREST - The Question of Conversion of Pure Secondary Norway Spruce Forests on Sites Naturally Dominated by Broadleaves
  • EUFORIC - European Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre
  • IEFC - Institut Européen de la Foret Cultivée: Multifunctionality of Atlantic Forests (IEFC-MAF project)
  • INNOFORCE - Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • PROCES - Regional Project Centre in St. Petersburg
  • PHOENIX - Fire ecology and post-fire management (was operational until 2012)

For further information about these closed Project Centres, please send enquiries to efisec (at)