Regional Offices

Mediterranean Regional Office – EFIMED, located in Barcelona, Spain.


The first EFI Regional Office, the Mediterranean Regional Office EFIMED, was established in July 2007 as a pilot. The Regional Office focuses on forest issues of particular importance to the Mediterranean region, including non-timber values of forests. The Head of EFIMED is Mr. Inazio Martinez de Arano. (website:

Atlantic European Regional Office – EFIATLANTIC, located in Bordeaux, France.


EFIATLANTIC covers the region of the Atlantic Rim, and was launched in spring 2009. Its general topic is the sustainable management and competitive utilization of planted forest resources. The Head of EFIATLANTIC is Dr. Christophe Orazio. (website:

Central-East and South-East European Regional Office  – EFICEEC-EFISEE, located in Vienna, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia.

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EFICEEC covers a region extending from the Baltic Countries down to South Eastern Europe, and was launched in April 2010. EFICEEC has three broad Work Areas: forest sector policy and economics; land use change in the context of climate change and bio-energy; and forest ecosystem management.

In 2012, EFI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Croatian Forest Research Institute aiming at the establishment of the South-East European Regional Office, EFISEE. For the first two years, EFISEE will operate jointly with EFICEEC. Its focus is on South-East European activities with its partnering organisations.

The overall activities of EFICEEC-EFISEE are led by the Head of EFICEEC, Dr. Bernhard Wolfslehner. (website:

North European Regional Office – EFINORD, located in Umeå, Sweden.

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EFINORD covers the Nordic countries and the countries in the Baltic Sea region and the North Atlantic region, and launched its activities in April 2010. The two thematic issues of EFINORD are biomass production and ecosystem services, with cross-cutting themes of climate change, environmental economics and governance and policy. The Head of EFINORD is Dr Camilla Widmark. (website:

Central European Regional Office  EFICENT, located in Freiburg, Germany.

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EFICENT ran from 2009 until the end of 2016. It aimed to promote and support national, transboundary and European-wide collaboration in research and information provision, and strengthen networking in the Central European region. General topics with regional focus included changing environmental conditions and multifunctional demands towards forests. An archive of the EFICENT website is available:

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