In 2016 EFI issued 5 grants for Short Scientific Visits (SSV) for Early Stage Researchers from EFI Associate Member organisations.

More information about the grants and application process can be found here.

2016-2017 grants

Find out more about the scientists awarded grants in 2016 and their projects:

Huicui Lu, Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Productivity modelling in mixed-species stands in relation to stand structure and soil, using permanent plot data from Dutch forests

Alexandru Giurca, University of Freiburg (Germany)
Transitioning towards a forest bioeconomy? Actor networks and coalitions along emerging lignocellulosic value chains in Germany and Finland

Tuğba Deniz, Istanbul University (Turkey)
A Comparative study on the analyse of trade-off and synergies between bioenergy and ecosystem services in Turkey and Italy

Marek Metslaid, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Abiotic and biotic factors effecting the provision of high-quality timber from even-aged and uneven-aged boreal forest stands

Liina Jürisoo, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Spread of the Dutch Elm Disease in the Eastern Neighbourhood of Estonia