Alex Giurca (2017)

/files/images/membership_organisations/alexgiurca.jpg : 42Kb Alexandru Giurca from the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy) of the University of Freiburg investigated the issues involved in Transitioning towards a bioeconomy – actor networks and coalitions along emerging lignocellulosic value chains in Germany and Finland. He visited the Department of Forest Sciences of the University of Helsinki, Finland, where he was hosted by Prof. Anne Toppinen and Dr. Jaana Korhonen. The visit took place from 9 January–27 January, 2017.

The SSV is part of a broader study aiming to understand what the transition towards a bioeconomy means for the forest and wood sector, taking three countries as case studies: Germany, Finland and Sweden. Actor beliefs and their networks, as well as the new emerging institutions are the central focus.

The main objective of the SSV was to further develop an analytical comparative approach that will allow the understanding of similarities and differences in beliefs and actor-networks involved in the forest bioeconomy in Germany and Finland. Currently the analytical approach builds on three pillars: (i) a conceptual approach (analysis of political discourses and actor acceptance); (ii) an innovation system’s approach (analysis of potential technological transitions); and (iii) a social network approach (mapping of actor networks and coalitions in the innovation system).

This analytical approach was further developed and adapted to the Finnish case during the SSV. A study design for collecting data on stakeholder beliefs, and networks in Finland has been planned. Additionally, a series of future collaborations as well as joint publications between are in the pipeline.

“All in all, the EFI SSV proved to be productive and inspirational, a positive experience that has helped further my research”.

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