Wind and snow disturbances and their impact on forest carbon storage

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My name is Olalla, I am an Early Stage Researcher in the School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. My current research is focused on natural disturbances and their consideration in forest management. More precisely, I am interested in understanding what variables make a stand more vulnerable to suffer damage from abiotic and biotic disturbances and use that information to find management options considering the risk of a forest stand to suffer damage.

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Olalla Díaz-Yáñez (University of Eastern Finland) will be hosted by Prof. Rupert Seidl (BOKU)

Natural disturbances modify the forest structure, composition and succession having an impact on the expected services and functions. Forest carbon storage is an important forest service that can be weakened by disturbances. The objective of the study will be to analyze how snow and wind disturbances can affect the forest carbon storage under different forest management conditions. The methods used will be based on forest development simulations including the risk of disturbances under different management. The damage predictive models have been developed for Norwegian forests using a 20-year dataset from the national forest inventory. I expect to obtain results indicating which management strategies can increase the forest C sink and discuss what benefits or losses are expected from those alternatives. The 10 working days of the short scientific visit will be used to discuss the best analysis strategies, set the study framework, prepare the publication structure and develop the first results.