Winter Summer School

EFI's Winter Summer School (WSS) is targeted at early stage researchers and PhD students in forestry and environmental science, and aims to increase their awareness and knowledge of socio-economic research. The core topics are the socio-economic values of forests and the environment, considered in relation to actual policy questions and societal challenges  - for example climate change, rural development and biodiversity protection.

Each WSS is organised over two weeks in two different locations, to enable specific regional questions to be discussed with stakeholders. As part of their work, students prepare scientific papers.

Find out more about previous Winter Summer Schools:

2013 Making values work - sustaining multiple values in managed forests

Article from EFI News on WSS Aquitaine 2013 Winter Summer School participants spent a week near Bordeaux, France in March, followed by a week in Pichl Schloss, Austria in the autumn. Students explored two forest management types - industrial forests in the Aquitaine region, and alpine forests in Austria - based on different cultural histories, socio-economic characteristics and environmental conditions.

More information about the programme

Many of EFI's regional offices and projects were involved in the 2013 WSS (EFICENT, FOPER project, EFIATLANTIC, EFICEEC, EFIMED, EFI Headquarters), and it also had local support from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques de Bordeaux-Aquitaine and BOKU Vienna.


Winter Summer School 2011 2011 Making values work - exploring multiple perspectives in understanding the valuation of forest ecosystems

2011 Winter Summer School participants spent a week in Freiburg, Germany in March, followed by a week in Varaždin, Croatia in September. Students explored issues surrounding forest ecosystems, in particular ‘forest profitability’ and the questions ‘what is forest profitability and how do we express and measure it?’.

The 2011 WSS was organised by EFICENT, FOPER II project, EFI Headquarters and EFIMED.