Materials and readings


Riccardo Da Re
Governance Evaluation Frameworks

Mersudin Avdibegovic
Pan-European Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management: Balkan Perspective
Dealing with Corruption in Forestry: Balkan Perspective

Alexander Dobrovolsky
Interdisciplinary work and policy analysis

Fedor Grabar
IP Russia wood supply

Hubert Inhaizer
Evolution of the pan-European set
CI-SFM project implementation

Mikhail Karpachevsky
Forest Certification in Russia

Elena Kulikova
NGOs in Russia Forest Governance

Alessandro Leonardi
CSR voluntary instruments for responsible forest management

Helga Pulzl
Forest Policy in the European Union and beyond

Davide Pettenella
The EU timber regulation
Regulative and voluntary instruments for responsible forest management: reinforcement or competition?

Margaret Shannon
Governance of mysteries

Doni Blagojevic
Forest European LBA

Maria Tysiachniouk
FSC in Russia: examples and impacts


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Russian Federation Forest Sector Outlook Study to 2030 (October 2012), publication available in English and Russian

European Forest Sector Outlook Study II (August 2011)

State of Europe’s Forests Report 2011

Governance of natural resources: Social Network Analysis and good governance indicators - Dance Your Ph.D.

Secco L., Da Re R., Gatto P and Taku Tassa D., 2011. How to Measure Governance in Forestry: Key Dimensions and Indicators from Emerging Economic Mechanisms. German Journal of Forest Science (AFJZ), issue 5&6, pp. 69-81.

A draft report on Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe

Websites and sources of information

Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe (the project in 2011-2013 is an integrated element of the FOREST EUROPE work programme, coordinated by the European Forest Institute (EFI), and carried out with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection). information about Forests in Russia (in Finnish and in Russian) maintained by the Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA

ThinkForest event on emerging opportunities for EU-Russia cooperation on forest-based sector governance (forthcoming in Dec.2013)

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