The Summer School runs from 8-12 July 2013. Download the programme of the Summer School here.

The course approach will be interdisciplinary and based on a participatory approach: lectures are combined with active discussions and facilitated groupwork. In addition, there will be a one-day excursion to meet with local forest administration representatives and key stakeholders, and a welcome dinner offered to the participants.

The Summer School covers i.a. the following topics:

  • Forest governance in Russia
  • Forest governance in the EU and pan-European processes
  • Introduction to interdisciplinary work and policy analysis
  • Introduction to forest sector foresight
  • Trade and forest certification, EU Timber Regulation and its impacts
  • FOREST EUROPE’s pan-European criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management


The lecturers and discussion moderators include:

Prof. Margaret Shannon

Professor in Honor, University of Freiburg, Germany, Faculty of Forest and Environmental Science, Coordinator of the FOPER II Project

Prof. Alexander Dobrovolsky

Professor of Forest Policy, St. Petersburg Forest Technical University

Dr. Helga Pülzl

Senior policy analyst, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria

Mr. Nikolay Shmatkov

Leader of Forest Policy group, WWF Russia

Mr. Hubert Inhaizer

Researcher, Leader of the CI-SFM Project, European Forest Institute

Mr. Mikail Karpachevsky

Northern Taiga group

Ms. Päivi Pelli

Researcher, expert in foresight, European Forest Institute

Prof. Mersudin Avdibegović

Chair for Forest Economics, Policy and Organisation at Faculty of Forestry, University of Sarajevo

Prof. Davide Pettenella

Professor of forest economics at Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry Department, University of Padova