Inform-Prioritize-Collaborate: Cooperation of Regions on innovation in forest management, use of wood and forest-related services

May 20, 2014


Welcome and opening remarks

European Forest Institute (EFI) and Innovation in European Forestry
Harald Mauser, EFI

Irene Piria, Euromontana

The ERIAFF Network
Fabio Boscaleri, Tuscany Region and ERIAFF secretariat

Programmes and instruments for innovation in the EU Forest-based sector

Innovating the forest sector through Rural Development and multi-actor approaches
Silvia Dietz, European Commission DG AGRI – Unit “Research and innovation”

Forest Research in Horizon 2020

Doru-Leonard Irimie, European Commission DG RTD – Unit “Agri-Food Chain”

The EIP-AGRI Service Point: new actions and developments
Koen Desimpelaere, EIP AGRI Service Point

Regional approaches

Smart specialization for a forest-based bioeconomy: The example of North Karelia, Finland
Markus Lier, METLA

Wood mobilization in Basque Country. Wood in forests: inventory and risks. Forrisk project.
Alejandro Cantero, HAZI

Forest governance and innovation in the Veneto Region
Lisa Causin, Regional Government of Veneto

Priority challenges and actions for innovation in the forest sector

Managing Impacts related to Climate Change
Clotilde Giry and Olivier Picard, CNPF - Centre national de la propriété Forestière

Supporting Wood and Biomass Mobilization
Jerónimo González, Agriculture Research Center “Finca La Orden” – CICYTEX

Supporting the Provision of Ecosystem Services
Elena Gorriz, Forest Economics Department - Forest Sciences Centre Of Catalonia

Improving Sustainable Forest Management Approaches and Tools
Davide Pettenella, University of Padova

Taking stock and ideas for the future

The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform
Johan Elvnert, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform

Photo by Michele Talo