The Young Leadership Programme on the Russian Forest Sector runs for 5 days, and takes place from 15-19 December 2014. Each day covers a particular theme:

Day 0: Sunday 14 December

Ice breaker and opening session

Day 1: Monday 15 December

Theme 1: Global governance: issues at stake and implications for the forest sector
Theme 2: How are policies affecting the Russian forest sector?

Day 2: Tuesday 16 December

Theme 3: Sustainable forest management (SFM) as a basis for developing the forest sector in Russia

Day 3: Wednesday 17 December

Theme 4: The future of the global forest-based sector: which role for Russia?
Sub-theme: The emerging forest-based sector: drivers, trends markets and products

Day 4: Thursday 18 December

Theme 5: Foresight as strategic tool: building futures for the forest based sector through a practical exercise

Day 5: Friday 19 December

Theme 6: Management of Innovation or Leadership and communication session

During the week, the Programme will address the following specific questions.

  • What are the current changes in the Russian economy and forest sector?
  • How will the ongoing and foreseeable institutional changes (such as WTO membership) affect the economy and impact the forest sector in Russia and the EU?
  • What are the longer-term prospects for the Russian forest sector to increase trade, investments, and new technologies in a sustainable way to enhance the livelihood from forests?
  • How is forest policy and governance changing at the international and Russian level, and which impacts are most important for Russian forestry and its forest sector?
  • What other economic sectors (e.g., energy, housing, biomaterials, chemicals, etc) may also impact the Russian forest sector?

The Programme will feature a mix of keynote speeches and lectures, workshop-style discussions and practical exercises, as well as a field trip.