/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/esko-aho_ylp.jpg : 37Kb  

Esko Aho served as Prime Minister of Finland during 1991-1995, and as Member of the Parliament between 1983-2003. Mr. Aho’s experience goes much beyond the policy making arena. He is currently Executive Chairman of East Office of Finnish Industries representing the leading Finnish corporations in Russia, Chairman of the Board of the Skolkava Foundation in Moscow and Executive in Residence of Aalto University in Helsinki. He is also Senior Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he pursues research on the changing role of the state in maintaining welfare and global competitiveness.


/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/antti_asikainen.jpg : 30Kb Antti Asikainen is the professor in forest technology (since 2001) in the Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE (former Finnish Forest Research Institute, METLA). His research areas are wood harvesting technology and logistics. He is the national team leader in IEA Bioenergy’s Task 43.  He leads the ForestEnergy2020 joint research programme of LUKE and VTT on LUKE’s behalf and coordinates EU’s FP7 project INFRES on the use of residual forest biomass for energy. He was nominated in the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry in 2013.
peter_csoka_150.jpg : 12Kb Peter Csoka is deputy head of the Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division in FAO and secretary of the Committee on Forestry. A forester and system analyst by education, he has over 30 years of experience in forestry and worked at the Secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests, the State Forest Service of Hungary including being its head, and was director general for natural resources at the Ministry of Agriculture. His expertise lies in forest inventory, monitoring, forest sector planning and forest policy. He represented his country in various intergovernmental forums and served as chair of the FAO European Forestry Commission and vice-chair of UNFF.
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/hanewinkel_siw.jpg : 51Kb

Marc Hanewinkel is currently Head of the Chair of Forestry Economics and Forest Planning at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg, Germany. His research interests cover risk analysis, impacts of climate change on European forests, development of adaptive management strategies, application of advanced heuristics to problems of multifunctional forest management, multi-criteria decision making, economics of uneven-aged and close-to-nature forestry as well as decision making under risk and uncertainty. He has coordinated international research projects concerning adaptation strategies for forests in Europe to the impacts of climate change among them the EU project MOTIVE (2009-2013) with 20 partners from 15 EU countries and a total of 7 Mio Euro funding from the 7th framework program of the EU.


lauri_hetemaki_small.jpg : 53Kb Lauri Hetemäki is the Assistant Director for Policy Support at the European Forest Institute and Professor in Forest Sector Foresight at the Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), and Adjunct Professor in Forest Economics and Marketing, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki. His research interest are foresight studies, forest sector outlook studies, and forest products and bioenergy markets. He has extensive experience in coordinating forest sector outlook studies and policy support work. He is an author of over 180 scientific and popular publications.
  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/jari_hynynen_2.jpg : 41Kb Jari Hynynen is the research professor of forest growth and yield in the Natural Resources Institute Finland, LUKE. His research areas are modelling of forest dynamics and the impacts of forest management practices on wood production. He has authored several articles related to implementation and impacts of alternative measures of sustainable forest management. He leads the research team developing growth models, simulators, and decision support tools for assessing the effects of alternative forest management regimes at different levels of decision-making ranging from stand-level management practices up to national-level management scenarios.
pentti_hyttinen_small.jpg : 45Kb Pentti Hyttinen has been the Region Mayor of the Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland since the year 2001. He holds a PhD in Forest Management and Economics from the University of Joensuu, Finland. He has also conducted research at the European Forest Institute and the University of Joensuu, and worked as a Forestry Expert at DG Research of the European Commission in Brussels
  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/jurvelin_jukka_siw.jpg : 41Kb

Jukka Jurvelin is a Professor of Medical Physics and acts as a Dean for Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland. He graduated from the Department of Physics, University of Kuopio in 1981, received a Ph.D degree in 1993 and was a post doc researcher during 1993-1995 in the Mueller Institute for Biomechanics, Bern, Switzerland. Jukka Jurvelin is the head of the Biophysics of Bone and Cartilage (BBC) research group (luotain.uef.fi). The current research interests include development of quantitative biomechanical, ultrasound, MRI and x-ray methods for sensitive diagnostics of osteoporosis and osteoarthrosis. Dr. Jurvelin has trained 35 Ph.Ds and published more than 350 peer review papers. His H-index is 56.

  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/jukka_kantola_2015.jpg : 40Kb Jukka Kantola has broad experience of the woody biomass related industries. He has held various executive positions in Europe and in Asia. Hence he has a profound comprehension of the challenges and opportunities of these economies. Jukka is widely networked in the bioeconomy sector and he has a good grasp of the new and emerging applications for the wood.  He has established NISCluster Ltd, a novel bio-­‐consulting company focusing on the versatile valorisation of woody biomass for novel applications. Mr. Kantola is a great advocator for the bio-­‐economy and is tenaciously facilitating novel and existing biomass applications. Recently NISCluster gave a design for the awarded Kemijärvi Consortium in the international biorefinery competition arranged by Finnish Ministry of employment and the economy. Mr. Kantola holds a Master of Science degree from the Aalto University. He also holds an eMBA from the Rutgers University.  
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/timo_karjalainen_siw.jpg : 53Kb Timo Karjalainen is Professor of international forestry related to forestry in Russia and Eastern European countries with economies in transition at the Natural Research Institute Finland (Luke) and at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). He has published over 120 publications, led several national and international research projects and served in advisory panels. Research in the group he leads at Luke provides up-to-date information about the state and development of forest sectors in Russia and Central and Eastern European countries. At UEF professor Karjalainen is responsible of the Russian forestry study programme and coordinating Forestry Master degree programme of the Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University.
elena_kulikova_150.jpg : 51Kb Elena Kulikova is the Coordinator of the Young Leadership Programme, and Senior Expert in the Forest for Society Unit at the European Forest Institute. She has over 15 years’ experience in forest sector governance in Russia, and was formerly Forest Programme Head at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Russia. Prior to this she was a Head of Division in the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, and a Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation in the Federal Forestry Service of the Russian Federation.
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/eugene_lopatin.jpg : 45Kb Eugene Lopatin is a Senior Researcher on international forestry at the Natural Resource Institute Finland. His research interests are forestry in Russia and Eastern European countries with economies in transition. He holds a PhD in Forest Management from the University of Joensuu, Finland and PhD in Forest Inventory from St. Petersburg State Forestry University, Russia. He has been involved in various development projects related to business environment in forestry and forestry industry in Russia. He has forestry project experience also in Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic and Vietnam.
  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/robert_mavsar_siw.jpg : 46Kb

Robert Mavsar is the Deputy Director at the European Forest Institute. He holds a PhD in Economics and MSc degrees both in Forest Sciences and Economics. His expertise lies in environmental economics but has worked as well in fire economics, forest inventory, forest management and forest policy. Dr. Mavsar joined EFI in 2007, first as a Senior Researcher, then as Deputy/Acting Head of EFIMED and in 2013 as of Head of Forest for Society Research Programme.


  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/munson_siw.jpg : 37Kb Kenneth Munson is the Director of Global Forestry Projects at the International Paper. Until July 2012, he was Director of forestry and wood supply for International Paper – Europe, based in St. Petersburg, and prior to that he had a similar role with the Ilim Group in Russia. He has worked in the forest products industry for 28 years in forest operations, research and technology, and nursery management in the US, and has forestry project experience in Brazil, China, Canada, France, Poland, New Zealand and the Philippines.
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/alina_osmakova.jpg : 44Kb

Alina Osmakova is the Chief Executive Officer of  Scientific and Technical Non-Commercial Partnership «Technology Platform BioTech2030». Russian Technology Platform «Bioindustry and Bioresources BioTeh2030» is one of the industry-leading expert organizations in Russia working in the field of biotechnology. The Platform includes about 100 research centers, educational and industrial organizations, combined in specialized focus groups and councils.

pelli_150.jpg : 11Kb Päivi Pelli is working as a researcher in the University of Eastern Finland. Previously she worked in EFI with foresight exercises, socio-economic research and e.g. policy topics. She has co-ordinated and participated in several projects and events, including COST strategic workshop series “Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services” and FP7 Regions of Knowledge project “Sustainable forestry providing renewable energy, bio-based products and sustainable construction RoK-FOR”. Päivi has a M.Sc. degree from Turku School of Economics and Business Administration and is a PhD candidate in the University of Eastern Finland.
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/lauri_sikanen_web.jpg : 40Kb Lauri Sikanen is a group manager in Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). He has 20 years of history in R&D of forest biomass supply chains, forest bioenergy and international technology and know-how transfer. In Luke Dr. Sikanen is in charge of innovation processes and new business related to bioeconomy. Prior to this position Dr. Sikanen has been 5 years as a professor of energy pellet research and director of Mekrijärvi Research Station at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Modern forest bioenergy in bioeconomy is an example of new businesses, which are already economically viable in large scale or close to it. Many more are coming, but strong interaction between research and business is needed to boost best ideas. Dr. Sikanen underlines the importance of cross-disciplinary approaches and better communication of R&D organisations. 
  /files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/marc-siles.jpg : 32Kb

Marc Siles is representative of INNEOX in Finland. He coaches executive and top management teams around the globe, focusing mainly on breakthrough innovation and personal growth. He is very interested in creating new challenges that nobody has ever been able to solve with a human centric approach. He holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration and a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School, while also being Six Sigma Black Belt Certified and expert in communication. He has over 12 years of experience in Consumer Finance, and has been holding Senior Executive positions for the last 7 years, prior to joining INNEOX. He has started his own companies, while mentoring a few others. 

/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/m._tarasov_siw : 45Kb

Mikhail Tarasov is acting IKEA Global Forestry Manager. He is leading forestry agenda and the matrix of forestry specialists to secure compliance of IKEA wood based products with international norms and increase the use of wood from IKEA More Sustainable Sources. He is also managing partnership with WWF and regional partners to advance responsible forestry in IKEA priority regions. Prior to this position Mikhail has been IKEA Greater China and Asia Pacific Forestry manager. Before joining IKEA he has been working with Finnish forest industry. Mikhail has over thirteen years of experience in sustainable forestry and supply chain management covering Russia, Scandinavia, Asia Pacific and South America.He also holds PhD in forest ecology.

tomi_tuomasjukka_150.jpg : 12Kb Tomi Tuomasjukka is an independent leadership coach. He assists managers in improving their interaction and motivation skills, as well as in increasing their self-knowledge and capacity to reflect and grow. He works with supervisors, executives and management teams. Tomi describes his approach to working with clients as being “a personal trainer for leadership development”. He applies methods from the fields of work counseling, coaching and process consultation. He also works as a mediator in workplace conflicts and volunteers as a crime mediator in his home county. Tomi's background is in forest sector development cooperation, where he has 25 years of experience as an expert and manager in a wide range of organizations internationally. He graduated from the University of Helsinki with a major in International Forestry in 1992. 
/files/images/capacity_building/ylp/speakers/liisatyrvainen_siw.jpg : 56Kb Liisa Tyrväinen acts as a professor (nature-based recreation and tourism) at Luke. She has wide experience leading research and working as an expert in national and international projects. Tyrväinen has lead recently at the Finnish Forest Research Institute a large national research program “Well-being from forests” (2009-2014) focusing on current use and benefits as well as business opportunities based on amenity benefits of forests and nature areas in Finland. Tyrväinen has wide scientific record of publications including close to 200 publications in the field of landscape research, nature-based tourism, outdoor recreation, urban forestry and nature and health. Currently she acts as a vice-chair of COST Action 1204 ToBeWell: Tourism, Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being, (European Commission 2012-2016). 
sirpa_valimaa_150.jpg : 23Kb Sirpa Välimaa works for Stora Enso Biomaterials as a Technical Customer Service Manager for dissolving pulp. She is involved in the strategic development of the cellulose based business for Stora Enso. Her expertise lies in various regenerated cellulose applications, from market analysis to product development. She joined Stora Enso in 2003, starting in various positions related to Customer Service, R&D and Supply Chain in Kemijärvi and Imatra pulp mills. Sirpa also worked as a Project Manager for Stora Enso Enocell pulp mill (partly converted into dissolving pulp production for the textile industry). She holds a Master of Science in paper converting technology as well as Master of Arts in German and Swedish languages.
Bernhard Wolfslehner Bernhard Wolfslehner is Head of EFI’s Central-East and South-East European Regional Office (EFICEEC-EFISEE) since 2010. Previously he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Silviculture, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna. He was also an advisor for the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests (MCPFE), as well as the Austrian Forest Dialogue. His expertise includes sustainable forest management, criteria and indicators, non-timber forest products and services, biological diversity and multi-criteria decision support.







Photo credits: Finnish Institute of International Affairs; Finnish Forest Research Institute; Christophe Maitre; Stian Mathisen; Marc Montebello; Erkki Oksanen; Saku Ruusila; Regional Council of North Karelia; Tuukka Tuomasjukka; UEF Communications; Pekka Väänänen