Analyzing forest-based products markets in Finland

The Finnish forest based sector is currently experiencing substantial changes determined by new technological, socio-political and economic developments. These developments need to be better understood to explore the realistic possibilities for the sector in contributing to a transformation towards a bioeconomy and sustainable growth. Such an analysis is, however, complex as various changes in the operating environment, such as the shifts in global economic power relations, the possible changes in the global, EU-level and national energy and climate policies, the rapid ICT development and its multiplicative impacts and the structural changes in the forest products markets need to be understood.

The objective of this traineeship would be to contribute to ongoing research on the changes in the operating environment of the Finnish forest industries and their impacts on the market potential of wood-based products and services. The specific tasks depend on the skills and interests of the trainee, but they can include for example one the following

- reviewing scientific studies and market reviews on the Finnish forest products markets

- interviews with selected experts and stakeholders

- statistical analysis or modelling (e.g. agent-based modelling or applying the International Futures model)

The work requires excellent English and Finnish language skills and an interest in futures studies, or in economics/statistics, depending on the orientation. The work also involves direct support of ongoing work, such as transcribing interview recordings. An interested student would work in the Forests for Society Programme at the EFI headquarters in Joensuu.