Immigration in the forestry sector: opportunities and challenges

Immigration occurs across Europe in the search of better life opportunities. The forest sector constitutes one of the primary sectors where immigrants find labour opportunities. Yet, their experience varies considerably: some are really new into the job, some bring their savoir faire from their home ecosystems, cultural and institutional practices, the manner they perceive forests differs… Moreover, their integration in the rural communities brings about cultural challenges and richness. For forestry companies, immigrants constitute a labour force that helps in their competitiveness; however, they entail also management challenges.

There has been little analysis on these socio-economic aspects. The main aim of this traineeship will be to review existing studies, and analyse in depth a specific value chain. Desktop work, surveys and interviews will be used for data collection.

Traineeship open to Master's student in forestry, economics, social or political sciences, or rural development. 

Good English, French and/or Spanish is an asset. Good ability with Microsoft office and basic Statistics. Curious mind and willingness to conduct interviews.

The selected student will work at the EFIMED Regional Office in Barcelona, Spain.