Multi-actor projects in forest innovation

Innovation is crucial in forestry for adapting management practices (process innovation), develop new products and services (product innovation), try new value chain arrangements and business models (organisational innovation), novel commercialisation techniques and fundraising (marketing innovation), community arrangements and sector networks (social innovations), etc. The innovation process may be triggered by the interaction among key actors to tackle certain challenges or use opportunities. In this frame, this traineeship will be focused on identifying, mapping and analysing the multi-actor innovation initiatives in different countries. At the European level, the EIP Operational Groups dealing with forestry will be analysed. At national level, different initiatives of action research, citizen science, open innovation, or transdiciplinarity will be taken into account. Desktop work, surveys and interviews will be used for data collection.

Traineeship open to Master's student in forestry, policy, economics, or rural development. 

Good English. French and/or Spanish is an asset. Good ability with Microsoft office and basic Statistics. Curious mind and willingness to conduct interviews.

The selected student will work at the EFIMED Regional Office in Barcelona , Spain.