Christophe Orazio

Head of Office

Main responsibilities:

  • Coordinating EFIATLANTIC programme and
    activities in accordance with EFI strategy
  • Initiating, coordinating and implementing
    EFIATLANTIC research projects and activities
  • EFIATLANTIC cooperation network
  • EFIATLANTIC online databases
  • Supervising EFIATLANTIC staff
  • Managing EFIATLANTIC budget and fundraising

Participation and co-ordination of projects:

Personal Background:

Christophe Orazio holds a Forest Degree from ENGREF (Nancy, France) and a Master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Marseilles. He previously worked as the director of IEFC (EFI project centre). He also has experience of working in many other research organisations (CIRAD, INRA, CEMAGREF, FCBA) and forest management organisations (ONF, Société Forestière CDC).

Contact details