Diana Tuomasjukka

Senior Researcher

Dr. Diana Tuomasjukka is a Senior Researcher at the Sustainability and Climate Change unit at EFI and Coordinator of TMUG (ToSIA Management and User Group). Presently, she works on two EU FP7-project, assessing sustainability impacts (SIA) in innovative bioenergy forest-wood-chain (INFRES) and of environmental services and natural capital in landuse applications (OPERAS). Dr Tuomasjukka has been working in various EU-projects based in Germany, Sweden and Finland mainly in the context of SIA since 2005. She has a background in practical application of sustainability impact assessments, indicator development, participatory processes and decision support system development, business process modelling and systems analysis, as well as in forest technology, logistics and forest management. Training and user support in the practical application of SIA, and developing user-friendly methodologies and guidance materials are part of her daily work.

She is currently working on cross-sectoral forest-wood-chain modelling at EU and global level, whose assessment is based on an indicator approach covering economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects, as well as CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Specialised in:

  • Sustainability impact assessments
  • (Business) process modelling
  • Forest growth, forest technology and logistics
  • Economic, environmental, social and cultural indicators, and indicator development
  • Ecosystem services and Natural capital
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • OPERAS - Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications
  • INFRES - Innovative and effective technology and logistics for forest residual biomass supply in the EU
  • CHARFOR – Biochar y cenizas de biomasa. Estrategias de mitigación y adaptación de masas forestales al Cambio Climático. (Biochar and ashes from biomass. Forest strategies for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change)
  • SUFAREL – Qualification framework for Sustainable Forestry and Lifelong Learning
  • ROKFOR - Regions of Knowledge for Forestry: "Sustainable forestry produces renewable energy, sustainable construction and bio-based products"
  • Northern ToSIA – Assessing sustainability of forest based activities in rural areas of the Northern Periphery
  • EFORWOOD – Sustainability impact Assessment of the Forestry-Wood Chain
  • TMUG – ToSIA Management and User Group (Coordinator)


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Diploma thesis: "Splintholzerkennung mittels Computertomographie und Färbeverfahren an Fichte und Buche", Technische Universität München, 2005

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