Elias Hurmekoski

Elias Hurmekoski


Postdoctoral Researcher 


Work phone: +358 10 773 4302
Email: elias.hurmekoski(at)efi.int


Specialized in:

  • Forest economics
  • Forest sector foresight and outlook studies 
  • Global forest products markets analysis
  • Structural changes in the forest sector
  • Wood construction markets



  • FORBIO (Sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient forest-based bioeconomy). 2015-2020. Funded by the Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Funding.
  • Towards a sustainable European forest based bioeconomy: Assessment and the way forward. 2016-2017. Funded by the EFI Multi-Donor Trust Fund.
  • Outlook for European Wood Products Markets and Trade. 2012-2016. Funded by the Foundation for European Forest Research.
  • CCA (An assessment of the cumulative cost impacts of specified EU legislation and policies on the EU forest-based industries). 2015-2016. Funded by EC, DG GROW.
  • BEST (Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow). 2013-2014. Funded by Tekes/ SHOK.
  • FUTURE (Future of the European Forest-Based Sector: Structural Changes Towards Bioeconomy). 2013-2014. Funded by Royal Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


Selected publications:

  • Hurmekoski, E. 2016. Long-term outlook for wood construction in Europe. Dissertationes Forestales 211. 57 p. http://dx.doi.org/10.14214/df.211
  • Hurmekoski, E., Hetemäki, L. 2016. Puurakentamisen tiellä on yhä esteitä. Helsingin Sanomat, Vieraskynä 27.6.2016.
  • Hetemäki, L., Hurmekoski, E., 2016. Forest Products Markets under Change: Review and Research Implications. Current Forestry Reports 2, 177-188.
  • Hurmekoski, E., Jonsson, R., Nord, T. 2015. Context, drivers, and future potential for wood-frame multi-storey construction in Europe. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 99, 181-196. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2015.07.002
  • Hurmekoski, E., Hetemäki, L., Linden, M. 2015. Factors affecting sawnwood consumption in Europe. Forest Policy and Economics 50, 236-248. doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2014.07.008
  • Hurmekoski, E., 2014. Wood Products Markets, in: Hänninen, R., Hetemäki, L., Hurmekoski, E., Mutanen, A., Näyhä, A., Forsström, J., Viitanen, J., Koljonen, T., European Forest Industry and Forest Bioenergy Outlook up to 2050: A Synthesis. CLEEN Research Report no D 1.1.1, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 48-68.
  • Hurmekoski, E., 2014. Wood Products Markets, in: Hetemäki, L. (Ed.), 2014. Future of the European Forest- Based Sector: Structural Changes Towards Bioeconomy. What Science Can Tell Us 6, pp. 26–32.
  • Hurmekoski, E., Hetemäki, L. 2013. Studying the future of the forest sector: Review and implications for Long-Term Outlook Studies. Forest Policy and Economics 34, 17–29. doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2013.05.005