Tommi Suominen

Senior Software Developer

Main responsibilities:

  • Designing new functionality into the Tool for Sustainability Impact Analysis (ToSIA) and improving its existing features.
  • Promotion of the use of ToSIA as a decision support tool and
    a means to assess a wide spectrum of sustainability issues.
  • Supervising the work of Computer Science trainees.

Personal background:

Mr. Suominen views that computer science has a big potential to serve society. This is done in a productive way by applying one’s training into the advancement of other fields of science and industry, by making information and technology serve people better through increased usability. At the European Forest Institute (EFI) he has been in charge of the design and implementation of the Tool for Sustainability Impact Analysis (ToSIA) during the EFORWOOD and Northern ToSIA projects. ToSIA is a novel software tool and methodology for assessing sustainability impacts of various different kinds of changes to existing or future production chains. He acquired his M.Sc. at the University of Helsinki, where he specialized in information systems with minors in mathematics and archaeology. Before starting at EFI in the beginning of 2006, he worked about 6,5 years alongside his studies for the telecommunications industry at Nokia Networks and TietoEnator.

Participation and coordination of projects

  • VOLANTE – Visions Of LANd use Transitions in Europe
  • Northern ToSIA – Assessing Sustainability for Forest-based
    Activities in Rural Areas of the Northern Periphery.
  • EFORWOOD – Sustainability impact Assessment of the Forestry-Wood Chain.

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