Member map



EFI has two types of members: Member Countries and member organisations. The Member Countries are called Members’ (shown on the map in dark blue colour) and the member organisations are called ‘Associate Members’ (the ones in Europe) and ‘Affiliate Members’ (the ones outside of Europe). These two types of members form the very core of the EFI network.

Currently there are 28 Members who have ratified the Convention on the European Forest Institute. These particular Members form the highest decision-making body of EFI, the Council.

The EFI Associate Members meet on annual basis at the EFI annual conference. EFI currently has c.115 member organisations from 37 countries (including also EFI Affiliate Members ). The organisations mainly include research institutes and universities.



The current EFI member organisations are shown on the map in light blue colour; the three light blue dots in the upper-left corner symbolise the Affiliate Members outside of Europe. Any organisation can apply for Associate or Affiliate membership, according to their geographical location. The membership applications are approved by the EFI Board.