Participant list of the Annual Conference (updated 02 October, 2008)

Wednesday 17 September

15:00-19:00        EFIMED Business Meeting - has no registration fee and it is open to all interested

Thursday 18 September      


EFI 2008 Annual Conference  ( programme)
  (only for EFI members and invited observes)


Group photograph and lunch

Dialogue session:


FP7 by W. Förster, Association of European Fibre and Paper Research Organisations (EFPRO), presentation


The latest news of the FTP, A. Kleinschmit von Lengefeld (FTP), presentation, summary


Forest Fires by Y. Birot, EFIMED, presentation


Flegt Project by I.Tikkanen, EFI, presentation


Discussion in 3 groups facilitated by the speakers and their teams.


Poster session of the Scientific Seminar  - abstracts


Conference dinner at "Ristorante S. Francesco" Via del Duomo, Orvieto

Friday 19 September

Scientific Seminar- Adaptation of Forest Landscape to Environmental Changes

09:00                   Welcome addresses

09:30-13:30       Keynote presentations

  • Gene flow and landscape structure in relation to management and climate change - R. Smulders pdf.
  • Agroforestry systems, biomass prodution and landscape quality - F. Sinclair, Bangor University, United Kingdom  pdf.
  • The role of forest landscape for carbon mitigation in Europe - R. Valentini pdf.
  • EC activities on monitoring the status and trends of forests and landscape in Europe - J. San - Miguel - Ayanz
  • The social value of forests: Concepts, results and implications - B. Kriström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden pdf.
  • Forest and tourism: economic evaluations and management features under sustainable multifunctionality -  G. Gios pdf.

13:30-14:30        Lunch

16:30-17:00        Coffee

14:30-18:30        Parallel Sessions

Session 1 -  Forest Biology for a multifunctional approach to landscape: trees for timber, biomass and environmental remediation - Abstracts

  • Carbon sequestration at Urbìon Moderl Forest (Spain) - F. Bravo, University of Valladolid, Spain
  • Interactions between Volative Organic Compounds emitted from vegetation and tropospheric ozone - C. Calfapeitra, CNR-IBAF, Italy
  • Salicaceae for phytoremediation: molecular and physiological markers for environmental pollution tolerance in fast growing forest trees - M. Gaudet, Universitá degli studi della Tuscia, Italy
  • Prospecting and collection fo the accessions of wild rose (Rosa canina) in Tunisia and Conservation ex-situ - H. Sebei, Ministry of Agriculture, Tunisia
  • Early silvicultural practices on stone pine ( Pinus pinea L.) Stands: effect on growth and fruiting process - R. Calama, CIFOR-INIA, Spain
  • Regional variations in wildfire preference for land cover types in the Mediterranean region: how to manage forest landscpaes to minimize fire hazard - F.Moreira, Institute of Agronomy, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Afforestation of arbale lands in Italy with Mixed Hardwoods Plantations: productive and environmental benefits in terms of water use economy - P. Paris, CNR-IBAF, Italy                   

Session 2 - Innovative tools for monitoring and planning the rural and forest landscape

  • Analysis of the impact of landscape fragmentation on forest vulnerability and resilience - M. Marchetti,
  • The role of satellite images and landscape indicators as tools for landscpape analysis and monitoring: A case study from Lagadas County, Greece - Sidiropoulou A.
  • Scots pine and Norway spruce growth trends in North-West Russia as indicator of forest landscape adaptation to environmental changes - A. Alekseev, Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy, Russia
  • The impact of the recent climate change on forest stand productivity along an altitudinal gradient in Central Italy - G. Piovesan
  • Assessment of drought effects on Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) using Remote Sensing in the Southern French Apls - Thabeet A.
  • Ecological restoraton of Mediterranean landscapes: analysis tools for selecting priority areas at regional scale - A. Barbati, University of Tuscia, Italy
  • Assessing fire risk for enhanced forested landscape analysis and planning in Portugal - J.G. Borges, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal
  • The landscape aesthetic value in assessing forest multifunctionality: a case study on a chestnut forest - L. Venzi

 Session 3 - Ecosystem services and tourism: how to pay for landscape sustainability

  • Classifying forest goods and services in view of designing appropriate policy instruments - I. Prokofieva, Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), Spain
  • Economic valuation of non-use services of old growth forest resources: application of CVM to the Biryah Forest - N. Becker, Tel-Hai College, Israel
  • Assessing multiple forest ecosystem services: a multicriteria approach - R. D. Cóndor
  • Ecosystems services and landscape utilisation in moutainous north Pindos - A. Giannakopoulou
  • Payments for Forest Environmental and Social Services: organisational models and realted experiences in Italy - P. Gatto, Department of Agro-forestry Systems and Land Use, University of Padova, Italy
  • Valuing goods and services multi-production in a Mediterranean mountain range landscape - S. Roig- Gómez, CIFOR-INIA, Spain
  • Economic valuation of Mediterranean forest related tourism: A Greek CVM case study - V. Kazana, Technological Educational Insitute of Kavala at Drama, Greece
  • Innovative tools for the development of regional markets for sustainable tourism: the case study of the Mount Grappa - P. Gatto, Department of Agro-forestry Systems and Land use, University of Padova,  Italy
  • Sustainable development of tourism in harmonization with porfitability of the economy and conservation of ecosystem in Albania - A. Jupe, Agrucultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Forestry Science, Albania

Saturday 20 September

Field trip

Updated programme will be available later.