Scientific Seminar

Active Forestry with Responsibility

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Thursday 29 September, 2011

The need to produce and maintain forests and trees in a future scenario where climate change will be a strong and unpredictable factor that has the potential to change the structure and species composition will be a challenge. Knowledge about tree growth and survival and the genetic diversity and plasticity of common trees in Europe will be needed.

Photo by Georgi Roshkov, Fotolia

Forest genetics is a new area of study that requires new techniques and methods which allow researchers to understand more about the responses of trees to abiotic and biotic stresses, and how genes are coupled to phenology. The Scientific Seminar at the 2011 EFI Annual Conference will provide information about the latest developments within forest tree genetics. Researchers that are leading the genome programs that have recently started in Europe and The United States will provide insight into a challenge that is 20 times larger than the human genome program. The Scientific Seminar will also provide updates of the biggest forest genetic programs in Europe, and provide information of research activities in Asia with examples from Australia, New Zealand and China.   

Sustainable forest management has been the mantra for many years in Europe, and the afternoon session will deal with these management issues. Changing and competing land use has the potential to undermine the capacity of forests to provide multiple functions such as timber, biodiversity, bio-energy supply, recreation and pasture lands. The governance challenge is thus to manage trade-offs and balance between human needs while maintaining the capacities of forests to continually provide ecological services and other needs. How to balance the relationship and guide trade-offs between different functions of forests is, to a large extent, a matter of policy choice and the design of appropriate governance institutions and pro-active management. During this session different aspects of management will be presented and discussed as well. Presentations will be given on subjects dealing with some of the most important demands and followed by discussions related to the policy issues. The seminar is followed next day by an excursion that will give examples of the “Swedish model”.

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Photo by Piotr Wawrzyniuk, Fotolia

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