Tuesday 24 September

The EFI 20th Annual Conference started with the official decision-making session on EFI affairs on Tuesday 24 September.

The Annual Conference is a central decision-making body in the EFI organisation. The Associate and Affiliate Members of EFI meet at the Annual Conferences. The Associate Members have a right of vote at the Conference and they make decisions on the future plans and activities of EFI.

The official decision-making session on EFI affairs was held at the Aquarium Museum, 34 rue Sainte-Catherine - 54000 Nancy.

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© Aquarium Museum of Nancy - Cabinet TOURNIER et Associés.

The entrance to the Auditorium is from the side street, rue Godron. More information on the exact location is available here.


Item 1 - Opening of the Conference: Celebrating EFI 20 years

Item 2 - Election of the Officers of the Conference
a) Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons
b) Minute-checkers
c) Vote-checkers
Item 3 - EFI highlights in 2012–2013: Structuring Research and Policy Support         ( presentation )
Anniversary lunch at the Nancy City Hall
Guest speaker: Dr. Alaric Sample, Pinchot Institute for Conservation, USA

"Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene:
Future Challenges and Opportunities for EFI and the Forest Sector" ( speech in PDF-format)

Item 4 - Future of EFI: stronger networking with member organisation

a) Implementation of EFI strategy & Business Plans: Work plan 2014 ( presentation )
b) Continuation of Regional Offices - EFIATLANTIC, EFICEEC-EFISEE and EFICENT-OEF      ( presentation )
c) New Project Centres ( presentation )

Item 5 - 2012 Final Accounts ( presentation ) and Auditors' report ( presentation )
Item 6 - Election of Auditors of Accounts of 2014
Official Photograph and Coffee break
Item 7 - Membership issues
a) Benefits of EFI Liaison Office in Brussels to member organisations ( presentation )
b) Welcome to new members and setting membership fees 2014 ( presentation )
Item 8 - Board members 2013–2016 : Renewal of two Board Memberships                ( presentation )
Item 9 - Time and Venue of Annual Conferences in 2014 and 2015
a) Welcome to Bilbao, Spain in 2014! ( presentation )
b) Venue of Annual Conference in 2015
Item 10 - Grants and awards ( presentation )
Item 11 - Any Other Business
Closing of the Decision‐making Session

The full agenda for the EFI Annual Conference Decision-making session is available here.