Field trip

Urban forests, parks and gardens of Saint-Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not only a famous city of palaces, channels and bridges, but also a city of gardens, parks and urban forests. They occupy about 20% of its territory. At the moment there are 68 parks, 166 gardens, 730 public gardens, 232 boulevards and 750 streets plantings in the city.  Conservation and development of the cultural, historical, social and ecological values of St. Petersburg’s urban green areas is only possible being supported by research and practice interaction, by special services and system of forest and greening management.

The green areas of the city always were a part of its culture and history. During the EFI 2015 Annual Conference, participants have an opportunity to discover one of the most famous objects of landscape architecture and urban forestry of the city - the park and gardens of Peterhof. This place is also known as Petrodvorets('Peter's Palace'); the imperial palace built by Peter the Great in the beginning of the 18th century.

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The parkland at Peterhof is remarkable for the variety of styles encompassed in its layout and features. Representing nearly two centuries of European aristocratic fashion executed to the highest standards, Peterhof is like an encyclopedia of park design through the age of empire. Master landscapers and garden designers, who worked on the estate at Peterhof, have managed to overcome the extremely inclement conditions of the northern climate to create a wonderland of greenery and flowers, and ornate architectural decorations.

The field trip will give participants information on history of creation and development, destroying and restoration, management and maintenance of unique urban forest, parks and gardens of Peterhof.A tentative timetable for the visit:


Departure from the City, Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden (by bus)


Arrival to Peterhof


Guided tour in the Peterhof Lower Park and the Upper Garden


End of the tour in the Gardens


Excursion to the Grand Palace 


Excursion ends


Free time


Lunch in the New Peterhof Hotel (outside the Peterhof Park)


Lunch finishes 


Departure to Saint-Petersburg by bus 


Arrival to the hotel

In autumn, warm clothing - including scarf, gloves and an overcoat - is recommended, as the weather can be extremely variable. For the walk in the Peterhol Gardens, please bring also some solid (waterproof) shoes, and a raincoat or equivalent. 
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