Field Trip

Semiurban Forestry: outdoor life, nature conservation and conflicts

6 October 2017

The Nordmarka forest is an unique and very popular area, which is managed in order to take both private and public interests into account, how policies (including a separate law) have been made and how conflicts arise and are solved.

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Time: 09.00-15.00

Destination: The forests of Oslo municipality (“marka”)
Guide for the field trip: Senior adviser Tore Molteberg, Norwegian Forestry Society.

09:00  Pick up at Holmenkollen Park Hotel
Note that the bus will continue to Oslo Central Station after the field trip, and you can catch a airport train from the station to Oslo Airport, which takes about 20 mins. In case you want to be dropped off at the station, please make sure you have your luggage with you. We will have the same bus with us the whole day. There will also be organized transport back to Holmenkollen Park Hotel if needed.

On the bus we will get information about forest activities in Oslomarka.

  • Forest politics in Norway and effects for forestry activity in Oslomarka, Terje Hoel, Senior adviser,  Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Forestry sector's compliance with biological diversity requirements, PEFC certification, Hans Asbjørn Sørlie. Norwegian Forest Owners Federation

11:30 Lunch served out in the forest at Skjenungen.

  • Economic forestry and balancing against the production of recreation values of the people of Oslo, Chief of forests, Jon K. Christiansen, The City of Oslo
  • Forestry and its impact on the landscape/ecosystems through different management regimes, Researcher Marit Helene Lie, NMBU (not confirmed)

14:00   End of field trip. The bus will go to Oslo Central Station and Holmenkollen Park

14:30   Bus arrives at Oslo Central Station

15:00   Bus arrives at Holmenkollen Park Hotel



Photo: Einar Bog / Fotolia