Rune Abrahamsen

Taking the world record back: experiences and lessons learnt from building multi-storey wood constructions, “Treet” in Bergen and “Mjøstårnet” in Brumundal
Thursday 5 October, 13:45

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Rune Abrahamsen is CEO of Moelven Limtre AS, Norway’s largest glulam manufacturer. He received his MS degree in Civil Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1995. Abrahamsen has previously been senior vice president at the engineering company Sweco, and has been chief engineer of numerous large building projects and timber bridges. He was chief engineer for the 14-storey timber apartment building Treet in Bergen, and is currently leading the work for the timber structures in the 18-storey timber building Mjøstårnet. Abrahamsen is 46 years old and married to Anne Christina, has two children and loves watching Liverpool win football matches.


Riina Antikainen

What future for the forest industry: opportunities and challenges
Thursday 5 October, 9:30

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Riina Antikainen is a senior researcher in field of green and circular economy, and research coordinator in research programme for sustainable economic systems. She works at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), with 18 years working experience in life cycle thinking, sustainable use of natural resources and closing the loops.


Anne Autio

New EFI ecosystem - EFI Communication
Wednesday 4 October, 9:30

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Anne Autio is the Head of Communications at the European Forest Institute. She leads all EFI’s communications activities, brand development and global media partnerships building. Her background is in media, e.g. as Brussels Bureau Chief for the Finnish Broadcasting Company and years as a foreign correspondent. She has also worked as Deputy Director for the European Journalism Centre (EJC) in Maastricht/Brussels, where she was responsible for the institute’s contracts with the European Commission. In 2009, she and her team won European Public Affairs Award “Web 2.0 Campaign of the Year” for a climate change related project. Ms Autio holds a MSc in Communications from the US and has done Ph.D. studies in International Communications at Syracuse University, US, on an Asla Fulbright scholarship.


Sjur Baardsen

Welcoming words
Wednesday 4 October, 9:00
Concluding remarks and closing of the seminar

Thursday 5 October, 16:15

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Sjur Baardsen is currently dean at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He has previously worked as asscociate and full professor in forest economics at the same institution. Just after the turn of the century, he spent four years working for the European Commission. He was chair of the Domain Committee for the forest sector (FPS) at COST 2006-2014, and is currently president of the European Centre for Nature Conservation. Professor Baardsen holds a MSc in Forest Engineering and a Dr Scient in forest economics. 



Göran Berndes

Energy from forests: opportunities and challenges
Thursday 5 October, 11:10

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Göran Berndes' research integrates land use, energy systems and the climate system at scales ranging from local case studies to the global context, and addresses technology, resource as well as governance issues. Land use and bioenergy for climate change mitigation is an important focus area. Berndes has served as expert reviewer and author for the IPCC and has leadership, advisory, and expert roles supporting ministries, governments and NGOs, including EC, EP, IEA, and GBEP. At Chalmers, he currently manages the profile area Energy in a Circular Economy.


Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal

Welcoming address
Thursday 5 October, 9:00

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Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal has been State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food since 2013. Ms Blåfjelldal holds a masters degree in Human Geography from the University of Oslo, and has been working as a teacher. She has previously held political positions at the regional level.


Dirk Carrez

Progress in investing in the European bioeconomy: from the lab to the market
Thursday 5 October, 9:30

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Dirk Carrez is the Managing Director of Clever Consult, and Executive Director of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), the private partner in the €3.7 billion Public-Private Partnership on Bio-based Industries (BBI JU) with the EU. Dirk is bioengineer and holds a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. He has worked at SOLVAY SA in the research department, at the Belgian Federation for the Life Sciences and Chemical Industry as Director Innovation & Product Policy and as Secretary-general of the Belgian Biotechnology Industry Association, and has been Director Industrial Biotechnology at EuropaBio. Dirk Carrez is also a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group for Biobased Products.


Johan Elvnert

Session 3: Building a biobased future: emerging technologies and forest-based solutions - Moderator
Thursday 5 October, 13:45

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Johan Elvnert has been Managing Director of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) since 2011. His role is to coordinate the European research and innovation efforts in the forest-based sector as expressed by the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Elvnert is also a member of the European Bioeconomy Panel. Previously, Johan Elvnert has worked at the European Commission DG Research & Innovation and he has a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering from Uppsala University.


Bjørn Håvard Evjen

Welcoming words
Wednesday 4 October, 9:00
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Bjørn Håvard Evjen is currently director for division Forest and Forest Resources at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). He was research director at the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute until the merger into NIBIO at 1. July 2015. He has been working for 10 years for the Norwegian Forest Owners Federation, and also has a background from Innovation Norway with innovation and development of the Norwegian forest and forest industry.


Lone Ross Gobakken

Wooden facades - predicting and simulating service life and aesthetical properties (The WoodBeBetter -project - Increased use of wood in urban areas)
Thursday 5 October,13:45

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Lone Ross Gobakken is a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and Vice-President of the International Research Group on Wood Protection. Her main research areas are wood protection, service life prediction of wood in-service, aesthetical properties of wood and urban development with wood, and she has served as project leader for several research projects linked to these topics. She studied forestry at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and holds a PhD in Wood Technology from the same university.


Eugene Hendrick

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenged for forest management in the 21st century
Thursday 5 October, 15:00 

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Eugene Hendrick has worked for Coillte, the state forest company as well as for COFORD, the National Council for Forest Research and Development at its establishment in 1993. He was appointed Director in 1999, being responsible for the development and implementation of national forest R&D policy, funding programmes and related information transfer. Since rejoining the Forest Service in 2010 his areas of responsibility include the COFORD Council, forest genetic resources, forests and climate change mitigation, including international negotiations on forests and climate change, forest product development and standards, renewables and national forest accounts and trade data, and national roundwood production forecasting and growth and yield modelling. He chaired the process leading to Ireland’s current forest policy Forests, products and people, which issued in 2014


Lauri Hetemäki

Instruments - Policy Support Trust Fund
Wednesday 4 October, 11:35

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Lauri Hetemäki is the Assistant Director for Policy Support at the European Forest Institute. He is also Adjunct Professor in Forest Economics and Marketing, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki. His research interest are foresight studies, forest sector outlook studies, and forest products and bioenergy markets. He has extensive experience in coordinating forest sector outlook studies and policy support work. He is an author of over 190 scientific and popular publications.


Pekka Leskinen

Structures - Bioeconomy Programme, Wednesday 4 October, 9:30
Session 2: Building a biobased future: emerging technologies and forest-based solutions - Moderator, Thursday 5 October, 11:10

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/leskinen_pekka_2.jpg : 75Kb

Pekka Leskinen is Head of Bioeconomy Programme at the European Forest Institute (EFI). Among others, the Bioeconomy Programme will advance knowledge on sustainable bioeconomy and bioeconomy markets. Prof. Leskinen has broad research experience in the fields of sustainable use of natural resources, life cycle assessment and multi-criteria decision analysis. Before EFI, he has worked as a Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute, and for joint professor position of Finnish Environment Institute and University of Eastern Finland.


Robert Mavsar

New EFI ecosystem - Strategy implementation plan, Wednesday 4 October, 9:30
Instruments - New EFI Network Fund, Wednesday 4 October 11:35

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/robert_mavsar_dsc35862.jpg : 80Kb

Robert Mavsar is the Deputy Director of the European Forest Insititute is responsible for overseeing and guiding all operations of EFI, in close cooperation with the Director. He ensures the alignment of Research and Support activities with the EFI Strategy, and oversees EFI’s overall research activities and provides oversight and strategic guidance to other networking initiatives. His expertise lies in environmental economics but has worked as well in forest inventory, forest management and forest policy..


Peter Mayer

Instruments - Evaluation report of the Policy Support Turst Fund, Wednesday 4 October, 11:35

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/peter_mayer_portrait_10-20152.jpg : 94Kb

Peter Mayer is the Managing Director of the Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW), responsible for the development and implementation of the overall strategy and financial operations of BFW. From 2003 to 2010 he was Executive Director of IUFRO, the International Union of Forest Research Organizations. From 1998 to 2003 Peter Mayer was the head of the Liaison Unit of Forest Europe responsible for developing pan-European forest policy. He holds a Masters degree in forestry and political science and a PhD in forest policy.


Gert-Jan Nabuurs

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenged for forest management in the 21st century - Opening keynote presentation
Thursday 5 October, 15:00

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/gj_nabuurs_under_jungfrau2.jpg : 325Kb

Gert-Jan Nabuurs is professor European forest resources at Wageningen University and Research. His background is in European scale forest resource analyses and forest management under climate change. He started the work with the EFISCEN model; the European forest resource, forest management and carbon balance model. He has been IPCC Coordinating lead Author in GPG and IPCC 4AR. He was Assistant Director of the European Forest Institute in Finland from 2009-2012. His work is published in over 200 publications and he gives many lectures in scientific and policy support fora.  


Knut Øistad

Welcoming address
Thursday 5 October, 9:00

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Knut Øistad is a forester – graduated from University of Life Sciences, Norway. He has experience from private sector, research, as Counsellor for Agriculture and Forestry in Brussels and several years as Deputy Director General in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Øistad is currently Head of Department of Economics and Society in the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). Øistad is chairman of the board of European Forest Institute EFI.




Marc Palahí

New EFI ecosystem - Strategy implementation plan, Wednesday 4 October, 9:30

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Marc Palahí is the Director of the European Forest Institute and responsible for leading the organisation towards an acknowledged pan-European science-policy platform. Previously he led EFI’s policy support activities and during this time was instrumental in launching ThinkForest, a European high-level science-policy forum on the future of forests. He has a PhD in forestry and economics, an MSc in forestry engineering and a bachelor in Agriculture engineering.


Elena Paoletti

Concluding remarks and closing of the seminar
Thursday 5 October, 16:15

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/elena_paoletti.jpg : 44Kb

Elena Paoletti is Research Director at the National Council of Research of Italy, Vice-President of the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, Coordinator of the IUFRO Research Group on Air Pollution and Climate Change Impacts on Forest Ecosystems, coordinator of the IUFRO Task Force on Climate Change and Forest Health, visiting professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, and member of the EFI Scientific Advisory Board. She has authored over 200 scientific papers and books, and has (co)organized >40 scientific congresses/workshops. She coordinated COST and LIFE projects, and got the  IUFRO Forest Health Award 2010 for Achievement in Forest Health Research.


Andreas Rigling

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenged for forest management in the 21st century
Thursday 5 October, 15:00

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/rigling2.jpg : 81Kb

Andreas Rigling did an apprenticeship as forester before he studied forest sciences at ETH Zürich. He did his PhD in dendroecology at the University of Basel. At the Swiss Federal Research Institute (WSL) he was project leader of interdisciplinary research projects focussing on climate change impacts on forest ecosystems. Since 2006 he is the head of the research unit forest dynamics and in 2009 he was appointed to the board of directors of WSL. Since 2016 he is adjunct professor at ETH Zürich.


Gudbrand Rødsrud

From woody biomass to green chemicals 
Thursday 5 October, 11:10

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/gudbrand_rodsrud2.jpg : 72Kb

Gudbrand Rødsrud is a polymer chemist and also holds an MBA in international marketing.  He now holds a position as Technology Director Business Development at Borregaard AS. His main focus areas are development of lignin based and sugar based specialty chemicals in an integrated biorefinery.  He has been heading the RnD and technical customer service unit of Borregaard’s leading lignin operations for 11 years, and is a co-inventor of their BALI technology for pretreatment and fractionation of biomass.   


Birger Solberg

Welcoming address
Thursday 5 October, 9:00

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/birger_solberg_bilde.jpg : 661Kb

Birger Solberg is professor in forest economics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). He was appointed the first Director General of EFI (1993-96), and has been member of the Executive Board of IUFRO (1995-2000), the Board of EFI (2000-2004) and the Board of NMBU (2002-2010). His main research interest is in bioeconomic modelling, econometrics, use of forests for climate mitigation and biodiversity protection, international trade, climate change issues related to forest sustainability, and the interplay between forest economics and policy.




Kristin Syverud

Building human body parts from wood: innovative use of nanocellulose
Thursday 5 October, 11:10

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/kristin_syverud_foto_pfi2.jpg : 334Kb

Kristin Syverud is Lead scientist of the focus area Nanocellulose and Carbohydrate Polymers at PFI and part time professor at NTNU. Her main interests are within production, characterization, chemical modification and applications of nanocellulose.  She has initiated and managed several national and international projects within the area of nanocelluloses and related cellulose-based materials.


Margarida Tomé

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenged for forest management in the 21st century - Moderator
Thursday 5 October, 15:00

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/margarida_efiatlantic_ga_biarritz_june_20162.jpg : 109Kb

Margarida Tomé, Forestry Engineer, is Professor at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa, where she teachs Forest Resources Inventory, Forest Modelling and Forest Management. She coordinates the Forest Resources Inventory and Modelling Group (ForChange), one of the research groups of CEF (Forest Research Centre at the University of Lisbon). She has been strongly involved with EFI, being member of the SAB 2009-2012, and participating actively in the activities of EFIATLANTIC and EFIMED regional offices, as well as with IUFRO where she was the Division IV coordinator in the period 2006-2014.


Antoni Trasobares

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenged for forest management in the 21st century
Thursday 5 October, 15:00 

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/toni_trasobares2.jpg : 61Kb

 Antoni Trasobares is the Director of Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia. He holds a PhD in Forest Sciences and Economics and has previously worked as general director of natural resources and biodiversity for the Government of Catalonia. He has also extensive experience in research and has been involved in various European projects. He has published widely in the field of multi-functional forest management, adaptation to climate change and forestry.


Johannes Welling

Biobased solutions from hardwoods: opportunities and challenges
Thursday 5 October, 11:10

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/welling2.jpg : 80Kb

Johannes Welling studied Holzwirtschaft (Wood Science and Technology) at Hamburg University. After some time in the woodworking industries he started his scientific career at the Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products (BFH) in Hamburg. In the first 15 years his special focus was on timber drying, but soon other topics like LCA, wood composites and light-weight materials became more important. Currently he is acting Head of the Thuenen Institute of Wood Research.



Tom Westwood

Engineered timber constructions for climate smart cities
Thursday 5 October, 13:45

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/pp_tom.jpg : 7Kb

Tom Westwood is a Senior Associate at Waugh Thistleton Architects, with 7 years experience working on their Massive Timber Buildings, and has been instrumental in developing solutions for commercial buildings further to the practice’s great successes in the residential sector. He has spoken on massive timber in the UK and Norway in addition to teaching in the UK and promoting the industry in general.


Georg Winkel

Structures - Resilience Programme
Wednesday 4 October, 9:30

/files/images/events/ac2017/speakers/winkel_georg2.jpg : 98Kb

Georg Winkel is Head of Programme (Resilience) at the European Forest Institute in Bonn. He has a background (MSc) in Forest Sciences, holds a PhD and Habilitation degree in forest and environmental policy from the University of Freiburg. He is currently also affiliated with the University of Freiburg and Yale University (Faculty Associate). His main research interests and competencies are inter- and transdisciplinary research relating to forest and environmental topics. Dr. Winkel has led and contributed to various European research projects. He has authored more than 90 publications, 49 of them peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is very active at the science policy interface and has given more than 150 academic presentations in his career.