Thursday 5 October

Emerging forest-based solutions and their implications for forest management




Welcoming address 

  Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Norway  ( speech)

Knut Øistad, Chair of the EFI Board


Session 1: Setting the scene


Moderator : Birger Solberg, Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Progress in investing in the European bioeconomy: from the lab to the market
( presentation) Dirk Carrez, Bio-based Industries Consortium

  What future for the forest industry: opportunities and challenges ( presentation)
Riina Antikainen, Finnish Environment Institute
  Potential for innovative forest-based products in Southern Europe ( presentation)
Inazio Martinez de Arano, EFI's Mediterranean Regional Office

Questions and Answers




Session 2: Building a biobased future: emerging technologies and forest-based solutions


Moderator: Pekka Leskinen, EFI

  From woody biomass to green chemicals ( presentation)
Gudbrand Rødsrud, Borregaard
  Biobased solutions from hardwoods: opportunities and challenges ( presentation)
Johannes Welling, The Thünen Institute
  Building human body parts from wood: innovative use of nanocellulose ( presentation)
Kristin Syverud, Paper and Fibre Research Institute
  Energy from forests: opportunities and challenges ( presentation)
Göran Berndes, Chalmers University of Technology

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Session 3: Building a biobased future with wood construction


Moderator: Johan Elvnert, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform FTP

  Engineered timber constructions for climate smart cities ( presentation)
Tom Westwood, Waugh Thistleton Architects Ltd.   
  Taking the world record back: experiences and lessons learnt from building multi-storey wood constructions, “Treet” in Bergen and “Mjøstårnet” in Brumundal ( presentation)
Rune Abrahamsen, MOELVEN LIMTRE AS
  Wooden facades – predicting and simulating service life and aesthetical properties (The WoodBeBetter –project – Increased use of wood in urban areas) ( presentation)
Lone Ross Gobakken, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

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Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenges for forest management in the 21st century


Moderator: Margarida Tome, School of Agriculture (ISA)


Opening keynote ( presentation)
Gert-Jan Nabuurs, ALTERRA, Wageningen University

  Panel members
  North Europe: Rasmus Astrup, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
  Central Europe: Andreas Rigling, Swiss Federal Research Institute
  South Europe: Antoni Trasobares, Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia

Atlantic region (forest plantations): Eugene Hendrick, Food and the Marine, Ireland


Concluding remarks and closing of the seminar

  Elena Paoletti, Chair of EFI SAB, National Research Council of Italy 

Sjur Baardsen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences



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