2016 Vienna

Vienna is a green city, where agriculture, vineyards and forests go hand in hand within the city boundaries and form the green belt created more than 100 years ago. More than 8000ha or 18% of the urban area is covered with forests, which play a vital role within and outside the city: the surrounding Vienna Woods is a viable area for recreation of the citizens, while nature protection is actively addressed in the Nationalpark Lobau in the Danube floodplains and in the biosphere park in the peri-urban forests. On the other side, forests owned and managed by the city are instrumental for the provision of high-class drinking water. In a growing Central-European metropolis like Vienna multi-functional forest management is essential for satisfying the various demands for forest ecosystem services.

EFI granted the title of European Forest City to the city of Vienna in 2016. The EFI Annual Conference on took place in Vienna on 22–24 September 2016.