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How to become an EFI Associate or Affiliate Member?

Any organisation can apply for EFI membership. Associate membership is open for research institutes, educational establishments, commercial organisations, forest authorities, non-governmental organisations and institutions of similar nature from European States. Affiliate membership is open for institutions of similar nature from non-European States.

The application form should be sent by regular mail to:

Membership Service
European Forest Institute
Yliopistokatu 6
80100 Joensuu

Membership fee

A change to EFI membership fees was decided at the EFI 2015 Annual Conference in St. Petersburg. In order to attract new member organisations from the less represented geographical areas, the Secretariat proposed to introduce new membership fee structure based on the World Bank’s list of Economies. In the 2017 EFI Annual Conference, it was decided to keep the membership fees for 2018 in the 2017 level. 

/files/images/membership_organisations/world_bank_list_of_economies.png : 8Kb