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EFI member organisations receive regular updates from the EFI Liaison Office in Brussels. These include information on current discussions on forest-related issues in European policy-making institutions, and reports on EFI's involvement in various activities in Brussels. 

More information: Harald Mauser, Liaison Officer (harald.mauser @



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  2/2017 (August)
Divergent positions on LULUCF in the European Parliament and Council need alignment, Doubling the budget for the next Framework Programme on Research and Innovation requested, Divided views on the future Common Agricultural Policy are confirmed by public consultation, Mitigate risks for the territorial cohesion through a new dialogue of rural regions with cities, Advocating for forestry in work, programmes of EU Presidency terms, Interesting examples on Climate Action in agriculture and forestry

1/2017 (March)
Proposals with significant impacts on the EU forest-based sector are discussed in the European Parliament, Integroup exchanges detailed and conflicting reflections on the LULUCF proposal, Public hearing of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee reveals diverse views, Joint debate of two Parliament’s Committees on ESR and LULUCF, Will the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 lead to severe changes in land management, food and biomass production? 

3/2016 (December)
European Commission presented proposals with significant impacts to the EU forest-based sector, Three committees in the European Parliament jointly discuss the EU Forest Strategy, EFI study discussed by the European Parliament Intergroup, EFI and the role of the forest-based sector in the European bioeconomy,  Are Social Media jeopardizing evidence based policy making?, Expert Group on Forest-based Industries (F-BI) and Sectorally Related Issues in DG GROW

2/2016  (May)
Stakeholder conference demonstrates acceleration of the EU Bioeconomy implementation, New Knowledge Exchange Platform established on Bioeconomy, Upcoming conference in Bratislava will continue with the EU Bioeconomy

01/2016 (March)
EIP AGRI concretely engages in forest topics first time, Forest innovation workshop, A new long-term strategy on agricultural research will include forest issues, ERA-Net SUMFOREST launches call for forest research proposals

3/2015 (October)
European Parliament strengthens the cooperation with science, New Scientific Advice Mechanism to support the European Commission, New SCAR Foresight report addresses the EU Bioeconomy including the forest-based sector

2/2015 (May)
European Parliament strongly supports the EU Forest Strategy, First results for the 2014 call of Horizon 2020 receive mixed responses from the forest-based sector, Work Programmes 2016 and 2017 of Horizon 2020 are in the final phase of preparation, Forestry included in the new SCAR foresight exercise to address future research and innovation challenges of the EU bioeconomy

1/2015 (February)
Broad discussions on the EU Forest Strategy, Intergroup dealing with forest-based sector issues

03/2014 (November)
EU Forest Strategy and its implementation, New Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork, Strategic Programming in Horizon 2020

02/2014 (June)
EU Forest Strategy implementation, Forestry, Innovation workshop, Forestry and Cork Advisory Group

01/2014 (February)
EU Forest Strategy, Forestry and Cork Advisory Group,
Horizon 2020 work programme for 2015

03/2013 (November)

EU Forest Strategy, Horizon 2020

02/2013 (August)

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability

01/2013 (June)
Advisory Group of Forestry and Cork, First Workprogramme for Horizon 2020