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1st Announcement for the CASTLE Conference


First announcement for the conference “Towards a sustainable bioeconomy – innovative methods and solutions for the agriculture and forest sectors” on 21–23 October 2015 at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona, Spain

Moving towards a bioeconomy is one of the key policy strategies of the EU. Its vision is of a knowledge-based Europe turning to green growth via innovation, which presents opportunities for the agricultural and forest-based sectors. Sustainable production of renewable resources will be needed, with the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. Even though we currently lack a transparent and common understanding of the definition of a bioeconomy, we require improved tools and assessment methodologies to ensure that this intensified use of renewable biological resources is done sustainably.

The Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy conference aims to support this vision by showcasing science-based results through an open forum to help identify and implement sustainable opportunities for the bioeconomy by fostering scientific exchange (day 1), organizing science-policy-practice interaction (day 2), and developing persuasive solutions (day 3).

The science day of the conference focuses on scientific methods and assessments which can help achieve these goals. The sessions will emphasise ongoing research and the most recent developments in methods, tools and social innovations which aim to measure and manage environmental, social and economic challenges towards a sustainable biomass supply and the bioeconomy as a whole.

The science-policy-practice day includes workshops which bring together scientists with invited policy makers and industry representatives to discuss and exchange information on the implementation challenges of a sustainable bioeconomy. These interactive sessions will contribute towards developing science-based decision support for policy and practice.

The solutions day will discuss the compelling solutions from the previous sessions, and formulate key messages and recommendations for stakeholders from policy and practice to be published immediately following the conference.

The conference organisers are aiming to arrange for two special issues in two different journals, where selected presenters would be invited to submit contributions. The conference abstract submission will have a deadline in April 2015. Details on the submission procedure will be provided with the second conference call in early February 2015.

This conference is organized by EU Marie Curie Action “Careers in Sustainability Excellence” (CASTLE). The project combines scientific innovative problem-oriented research and practical training of young academics on methods used for sustainability impact assessments in the bio-energy and forest-based sector in Europe. CASTLE educates sustainability experts for the broader bio-based economy.

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