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St. Petersburg receives European Forest City award


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EFI’s Director Marc Palahí presented Igor Albin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg City Administration with a certificate on 28 April, to mark St. Petersburg’s nomination as European Forest City 2015.

This award recognises how St. Petersburg during its 300 years of history has always kept forests, parks and gardens as a fundamental feature of the city. Forests, parks and gardens occupy around 20% of the city’s territory and they are its most important green infrastructure, providing numerous benefits to its citizens, from scenic value to recreational opportunities and also important environmental services. Furthermore, as Director Palahí noted, "the award is also a recognition for the St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University which has been for centuries Russia’s window to Europe in forest education and research”.

EFI grants the title of European Forest City each year, to the city which hosts its Annual Conference. The 2015 Annual Conference will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on 30 September – 2 October 2015.

Photo by the press office of the Governor of St. Petersburg