How to get EFI involved

Event assessment procedure

If you are interested in involving EFI as one of the main or co-organisers or applying for EFI Associated Event status (see below), please fill in the Event Information Form.

The form should be sent to Policy Support Officer Ulla Vänttinen (ulla.vanttinen(at) You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of application within two weeks.

Examples of events where EFI has been an organiser or a co-organiser can be found in our event calendar.

EFI Associated Event

EFI gives the status of EFI Associated Event to international events that are organised by EFI member organisation/s. In some cases EFI can consider giving the status also to national events reaching wide range of target groups and to events organised by others than EFI member organisation/s.

Further information

For further information please contact:

Ms. Ulla Vänttinen, Policy Support Officer
European Forest Institute, Yliopistokatu 6, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
Tel. +358 10 773 4306, Fax. +358 10 773 4377, email: ulla.vanttinen(at)