IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress

Freiburg, Germany 18-22 September

Many EFI staff members are participating in the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 , presenting at various scientific sessions.

Find out more in the programme: http://iufro2017.com/scientific-program/


Barry Gardiner
Presentation: Does forest diversity reduce wind damage risk?

Lucas Giessen
Organiser: Forest policy and governance: research at multiple scales

Marcus Lindner
Presentation: Alternative climate change mitigation strategies and their relevance in European climate smart forestry

Gerhard Weiss
Presentation: Forest ownership in the ECE region: What do we know? Results from the Joint COST Action FACESMAP/UNECE/FAO Enquiry on Forest Ownership in the ECE Region

Camilla Widmark
Presentation: Managing ecosystem commons - Attitude toward environmental consideration among Swedish forest owners based on a forest owner typology.

Georg Winkel
Chair: In the woods of transdisciplinarity: Forest science between ´research for the sector´ and a new wave of ´transdisciplinarity´


Patrick Huber
Presentation: Another brick in the Great Green Wall? Criteria and Indicators to monitor Forest and Landscape Restoration in Burkina Faso

Stefanie Linser
Organiser: The potential contribution of forest related indicators to global issues
Presentation: 25 years of C&I for SFM - Did they make a difference?

Marc Palahí
Speaker: Opening ceremony

Helga Pülzl
Chair: Europe Inside / Outside - The export of European forest policies, objectives and architecture through public and private governance arrangements?
Presentation: "Indicators - a task for citizen's science?”

Bernhard Wolfslehner
Presentation: Forest sustainability indicators in the new light of a bioeconomy


Lauri Hetemäki
Presentation: Outlook for forest-based bioeconomy in Europe

Patrick Huber
Presentation: The potential of Wild Forest Products - a Multi Criteria Analysis across six European case studies

Maarit Kallio
Organiser: Wood based fuels for transports - conditions for their market entry and impacts on the wood-using sector and climate change mitigation
Presentation: Prospects for producing liquid wood-based biofuels and their impacts on the forest sector in Europe

Marko Lovrić
Presentation: Collection and consumption of non-wood forest products in Europe

Christophe Orazio
Chair: Resilience of planted forests under global change : learning from the past preparing next generation

Helga Pülzl
Presentation: Bioeconomy - the political framework
Presentation: The Bioeconomy Frontier

Georg Winkel
Organiser: Towards a sustainable European forest based bioeconomy
Presentation: The social dimension of a sustainable European forest based bioeconomy
Organiser: The Global Forest Environmental Frontier - What has changed, what has remained unchanged, how will the future look like?


Marko Lovrić
Presentation: To implement or not to implement agroforestry practices: An Analytic Network Process approach for European biogeographical regions

Nataša Lovrić
Presentation: Frontiers of the European forest-based sector

Marc Palahí
Speaker: YSI  IUFRO-EFI Young Scientist’s Initiative


Lucas Giessen
Organiser: Research approaches to forest policy and governance analysis
Presentation: The empirical-analytical approach to forest policy analysis

Stefanie Linser
Presentation: Indicators as information tools: From reporting to assessing SFM

Hans Verkerk
Poster presentation: Developing an atlas of forest management practices in Europe

Georg Winkel
Presentation: Exploring Illegal logging narratives across the globe