XXIV IUFRO World Congress 2014

Salt Lake City, USA 5-11 October

Ten EFI staff members are participating in the XXIV IUFRO World Congress, presenting at various scientific sessions:

Monday 6 October

Session G-10 (135) Multiple Risk Management in Planted Forests

  • Christophe Orazio: Session moderator
  • Margot Regolini: How management of planted forests can mitigate the risk from multiple hazards

Tuesday 7 October

Session A-27A (26A) International to Local Forest Governance: Taking Stock of Theories, Methodologies and Findings

  • Elena Kulikova: Russian forest policy development: New experience based on stakeholders’ involvement approach

Session A-34 (131) Forestry Education Serving Science and Practice

  • Elena Kulikova: Introduction of sustainable forestry best learning and practice into Russian forest higher education: NGO’s approaches

Special Session for Students and Young Scientists: The “ IUFRO Incubator” 3

  • Elias Hurmekoski: Long-term outlook for European wood products markets

Session C-04 (242) Addressing The Drivers Of Deforestation: Exploring Synergies Between REDD+ And Forest Policy

  • Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne: Evolution of drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in Central African forests: Exploring possible policy options to address forest loss

Thursday 9 October

Side event: Towards strengthened international science collaboration on planted forests - main research questions from a stakeholder perspective

Christophe Orazio, chair

Friday 10 October

Session F-07 (241) Forest Governance And Legality Of Timber: Challenges Of Legality In Practice

  • Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne: Poster presentation: How can forest governance approaches under FLEGT VPA and REDD+ be helpful for each other?

Session F-04 (162) Greening Society And Non-Wood Forest Product Commercialisation: Assessing The Environmental,
Economic And Social Trade-Offs

  • Robert Mavsar: Session moderator
  • Robert Mavsar: Development of the global trade of non-wood forest products

SP-16 Triumphs, Tribulations And Transitions – The Graduate Research Experience From The Student IUFRO
Award Winners

  • Ivana Živojinovic (Guduric): Awarded an IUFRO ISA Student Award for her master's thesis: “Perception of decision-makers to climate change adaptation in urban and peri-urban forests of Belgrade”

Saturday 11 October

Session A-31 Forest Policy Science: From Rational Choice to Discourse, From Local Level Forest Owners to A Global Learning Architecture

  • Helga Pülzl: Rethinking forest governance in Europe: Beyond multi-budgeting

Session F-02 (181) The Interface Between Quantitative Forest Sector Modeling And Policy Analysis: What Can Be Improved?

  • Lauri Hetemäki, Elias Hurmekoski: Future of the European forest-based sector: Combining forest sector models with foresight analysis

Poster presentations

Christophe Orazio: Research infrastructure & network for monitoring and adapting European Atlantic forests under climate change (REINFFORCE)

Elias Hurmekoski: Long-term structural drivers of sawnwood consumption in Europe

Salvatore Martire: Decision-support tools for sustainable rural development: the case of the alpine area of Como Lake, Italy

Salvatore Martire: Sustainability impact assessment for local bioenergy supply chains’ development: the case of the Como Lake area, Italy